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  1. el337

    Lchi's 55g :)

    Oh no! Just reading this now.. I'm sorry for your loss. Chance was really lucky to have had you care for him in his final years.
  2. el337

    Taiwan Hard To Find!!

    I do agree that the higher temps might affect how well it ships. @SeattleRoy, the second time around shipped much better without the heat pack. It arrived in perfect condition (no melting) and it's doing wonderfully in the tank with lots of new growth. I still have to send you a pic!
  3. el337

    Can't Get Ammonia To 0 After 3 Months

    I would be doing more frequent water changes to get that ammonia down. If you're doing them biweekly, it's not enough. If they're at 1 right now, do at least a couple of back to back water changes of 50%. Using bottled bacteria like Seachem Stability on a daily basis will help speed things...
  4. el337

    Nitrates Off The Charts Several Days Fw Aquarium

    You would have wanted to test the nitrites and make sure they come down to 0-.25 as well before adding more ammonia. Prematurely adding more ammonia before both ammonia and nitrites are close to 0 will cause those elevated numbers.
  5. el337

    Fishless Cycle Question

    No, I would have waited to dose any ammonia until your nitrites have dropped to 0. You don't need to worry about the ammonia processing bacteria not having a food source for a couple of days. If you keep dosing ammonia, your nitrites will have a harder time coming down. Can you do a dilution...
  6. el337

    Nitrates Off The Charts Several Days Fw Aquarium

    Im not able to determine how much ppm in ammonia that is. Did you test after adding it in just to get an idea of how much is being converted (in ppm)? Are nitrites still at 2 today?
  7. el337

    Fishless Cycle Question

    I’d dose to 2ppm again. If both ammonia and nitrite concert to 0 within 24 hours, then I’d say you’re cycled! What are your nitrates?
  8. el337

    Nitrates Off The Charts Several Days Fw Aquarium

    What exactly were your nitrates? I don’t think a water change is needed unless that number was closer to 100. So forget the water changes for now. I would just remove the fish food completely. That may be contributing to your nitrite problem. Can you give me your complete readings as of...
  9. el337

    30 Gallon Cycle + Stocking

    Yep if the entire cartridge can fit over the sponge, just do that. If not, cut the floss and stuff it next to the sponge. Move the fish over at the same time. Test your parameters the next few days to watch for any spikes.
  10. el337

    Nitrates Off The Charts Several Days Fw Aquarium

    If nitrite is at .25, dose just to 1ppm and then re-test in 24 hours. You don’t need to do another water change unless nitrites were at 5 for two days. However, dosing just to 1ppm (make sure you’re testing after adding the ammonia) shouldn’t cause levels to rise that high. I definitely don’t...
  11. el337

    Lchi’s Sw Build- 10g To Im25 Lagoon!

    Yay! Congrats on starting your salty build. I would love to start one myself some day but have zero knowledge on it. Will be watching!!
  12. el337

    Fishless Cycle Question

    Try to re-test and let us know the results when waiting the usual 5 minutes.
  13. el337

    Fishless Cycle Question

    That's great! Did you dose to 2 before these results?
  14. el337

    Ich Treatments?

    The heat method has worked successfully for me when treating ich and you do not need salt. You can raise to 86F and keep it there for 2 weeks even if you see spots go away sooner. All of the fish you have will be fine at that temp since it's just temporary. Just make sure to add an airstone...
  15. el337

    Nitrates Off The Charts Several Days Fw Aquarium

    Hi, are you saying the nitrites were still off the chart after your 90% water change? And no ammonia added after your water change, correct? Any food you may have dropped initially to start the cycle before using pure ammonia? I would agree that you wouldn't want to add any ammonia until...
  16. el337

    Tyguy's 135g Tank

    Beautiful tank! I bet you’re a pro now at building your own stands!
  17. el337

    Fishless Cycle Question

    Nice! I think you could try dosing up to 2ppm now that it seems to be converting 1ppm within a day.
  18. el337

    Tss Question - Tank Not Cycled

    The bioload of those minnows in that tank size is much smaller so I don't see that ammonia can get that high for TSS+ to fail. The fact that the OP has 2ppm ammonia despite daily water changes is why I'm saying I'd be weary of using this product to cycle with.
  19. el337

    Tss Question - Tank Not Cycled

    Sure, we can address cycling but I think we need to consider the amount of bioload and developing enough BB to support that go hand in hand. The reason I am also suggesting the OP rehome fish is that if they are going to use TSS+ (which is the topic of this thread), chances are it will fail...
  20. el337

    Water Change Didn't Change My Nitrates! Help!

    You could add a pothos plant with just the roots submerged. They're excellent at sucking up nitrates. Also, adding nitrate reducing media like API Nitra Zorb and/or Seachem Matrix to your filter has worked for many people with high nitrates out of the tap like yours.

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