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  1. Ethan

    opinions needed rescaping

    I would suggest a buttload of anubias and java fern all up in that rock not just sone but an entire buttload..
  2. Ethan

    How much does a salt water reef cost?

    My notebook isn't with me or I'd share the one I'm probably going to Get.. I did a week worth of research lol
  3. Ethan

    How much does a salt water reef cost?

    Reef octopus skimmers have amazing reviews
  4. Ethan

    How much does a salt water reef cost?

    My price is literally for everything from the skimmer to the salt to the corals
  5. Ethan

    How much does a salt water reef cost?

    I priced mine out and for everything I am looking at 1100$ and that's for a 20 gallon...
  6. Ethan

    What is on my amazon sword?

    It's a smaller amazon sword lol
  7. Ethan

    Outdoor 55 Gallon

    If you say so. I'm just saying I've had plenty of them and none of them have ever really destroyed the algae.. mine breed off and on and the only survivor at the stage where it should eat the most algae never really dented it. From personal experience nerites have a lower bioload and attack the...
  8. Ethan

    Fundulopanchax gardneri killifish (gold strain)

    For anyone thinking about getting a pair they are WELL worth the money I love the ones I got from Eric and I'm sure you will as well
  9. Ethan

    Outdoor 55 Gallon

    I'd hate to be the one too break it to you... but a bristle nose probably isn't your best bet... I have 2 and they rarely if ever eat algae.. if you need something for algae I'd suggest 5-6 nerite snails. Or 6 otos
  10. Ethan

    Fish Opening/Closing Mouth

    Sometimes it can be. But discus are pretty notorious for being a more finicky fish
  11. Ethan

    Fish Opening/Closing Mouth

    May be a little stressed from not enough hiding spots not sure really. I'd give him/her a little darkness for awhile that calms them down sometimes
  12. Ethan

    Fish Opening/Closing Mouth

    How heavily planted / decorated is it
  13. Ethan

    Fish Opening/Closing Mouth

    How many discus are in the tank vyv
  14. Ethan

    Filter foam where to buy

    Leo you can use some diy foams and mats. It's a LOT cheaper Im not sure which ones but some others will know
  15. Ethan

    SUN-SUN 304B not pumping?

    It may take a second to get it out so press the primer up and down for about 30 seconds. And remember to have the canister actually on while you're priming
  16. Ethan

    SUN-SUN 304B not pumping?

    You have to fill it up inside first. Then prime it and have it on ofcourse
  17. Ethan

    Low light plants

    Too follow up eric. Peabodys paradise is run by jetajockey and he has fair prices with extras lol
  18. Ethan

    Something's missing

    It's missing something in the second level aka top of the tank. I had this problem in my 75 until my plants started growing. And in my 29 until I put a piece of driftwood on top of some stones and shoved java fern and anubias in to it. I'd suggest a big ol piece of anubias nana attached to a...
  19. Ethan

    Madagscar lace plant

    My Madagascar lace is in a dirted tank with 2 iron root tabs under it and that thing Is becoming a monster
  20. Ethan

    1988 amc eagle

    I talked him down from 1900 to 1400. It runs and has all new brakes and tires I can't wait to get it home and washed. It's got a decent amount of dirt and grime on it so I will wash it and clean the interior. IL update with a few pics around the 2nd week of may

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