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  1. WinterSoldier.

    Why U Have A Fishtank?

    My reason? Watching my fish is relaxing. Its calming, it helps me control my OCD. It gives me something to plan for, and to think about. Caring for my fish is the high point in my day
  2. WinterSoldier.

    Has Anyone Made Root Tabs Like This?

    I have osmocote, I am getting the capsules. The guy said something about osmocote changing their content, does that affect me?
  3. WinterSoldier.

    Endgame, like what did you not like?
  4. WinterSoldier.

    Just Picked This Up. It Had No I.d. Tag! Ludwig’s-

    I have the same plant. I think it is ludwigia repens. Its a very nice plant and it grows very fast!
  5. WinterSoldier.

    Preparing To Breed Mosquito Larva

    I think I'll research what mosquitos live in my area first
  6. WinterSoldier.

    Preparing To Breed Mosquito Larva

    I don't mean to sound strange, but you don't think there is any chance of me starting some kind of malaria outbreak only for fish
  7. WinterSoldier.

    10 Gallon Tank Pretty Balloon Babies

    Oh btw, forgot to mention, Welcome to Fishlore!
  8. WinterSoldier.

    10 Gallon Tank Pretty Balloon Babies

    Ahhh yes! I love watching my baby enders and baby platies grow. I really like the female. She is so pretty!
  9. WinterSoldier.

    Preparing To Breed Mosquito Larva

    Okay! I'll start by checking every day after 5 days
  10. WinterSoldier.

    Preparing To Breed Mosquito Larva

    Okay! Thanks! Maybe I'll shorten it to 10 days
  11. WinterSoldier.

    Preparing To Breed Mosquito Larva

    Hi, So today it was about 80 and so I decided that it is time to start my mosquito larva culture. So I have some dry grass cuttings, and a shallow pan of water, this is what I am going to do. Place pan of water in the shade Place grass in pan Place in shady warm spot Wait two weeks Come...
  12. WinterSoldier.

    1 Gallon Tank Betta Sick Or Hurt (urgent!)

    Hi! So there is a couple of things bettas need a heated tank. I would recommend getting one right away. Two, did you cycle your tank? That could be part of the issue. I would suggest reading up on that right away. next two gallons is a little small for a betta, 2.5 is absolute minimum. I am...
  13. WinterSoldier.

    I Have Been Gifted A Betta

    5 gallon is a nice size for him. I would recommend doing live plants. They are so much better for bettas. Maybe if you get some kind of fertilizer you could do a java fern tank
  14. WinterSoldier.

    Do You Have Any Picky Eaters In Your Tank?

    My livebearers won't eat pellets. And when I first got my betta Baker he wouldn't eat unless I dipped it in garlic juice. Now of course all he does is eat
  15. WinterSoldier.

    Koi Betta Breeding Journal

    You are on to kitchen is so small I can't make multiple things at once. So unless I put the fish next to the coffee machine i don't think I'll be able to squeeze it. Maybe if I land a new job
  16. WinterSoldier.

    5 Gallon Tank A Little Tank Followed Me Home Today

    No one can ever resist a little tank with lots of goodies! Have fun!
  17. WinterSoldier.

    Is This A Good Way To Combat Blue Green Algae?

    Recently I have had a small out break of blue green algae in my 5 gallon. I am scraping it out, syphoning it, and keeping the lighting down. Does anyone know if this is an effective way to get rid of it? Or should I try dosing peroxide again.
  18. WinterSoldier.

    Cheaper Way To Ship Plants?

    I always ship my plants in a bubble wrap envelope. I have had only 1 case of plants getting damaged, and that was because the water lettuce didn't have enough roots. My packaging costs me 92 cents for a pack of two at walmart. You should try walmart, they have great shipping supplies for great...
  19. WinterSoldier.

    Betta And Cherry Shrimp?

    You could try ghost shrimp. Never had any problems with them and bettas

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