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    10g stocking

    Use caution on what type of shrimp and fish are in the same tank. If your thinking about establishing a shrimp colony most fish will go after the newly hatched shrimp fry. Ghost and Amanio shrimp are fine with smaller fish, thought.
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    Amano not eating?

    Understand that coral takes time to work on your water. The biggest mistake people make in my opinion is that we expect instant change and continue to do things to get the expected change. I would step back and let your tank settle in and see where your PH is at.
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    Cherry Shrimp Tank

    Interesting idea. Kitty litter. What does it do to your PH?
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    Question What puffer is this? help

    To answer your question put it on brackish water if that is where the store had it you should match it vice over thinking it. IMO.
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    Question What puffer is this? help

    What did your lfs have him in brackish or fresh?
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    Cherry Shrimp Tank

    Is sand not tougher to grow plants in? I don’t think gravel would be that tough on shrimp but IDK.
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    I Have A Massive Poo Poo Problem

    Just out of curiosity how many mystery snails do you have in that tank?
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    Question Canister filter for 10G tank

    I personally like canister filters, no noise, ability to really close up the top, much neater look and operation. Now, others may have a difference of opinion, but that is not what I am here to debate. I want to know does anyone have a recommendation for a good canister that will not over do a...
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    Question How Much Cuttlebone To Add For Snails And Crabs

    Put a piece about 3-4 inches in the tank. Put it underneath something to hold it down until it get water logged. The size of the tank or the amount of life is irrelevant. The bone will dissolve into the water only as much as the water will hold. Now that said what makes you think you needed it...
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    Sponges For Hob...

    Wouldn’t the left over gunk eventually lead to a spike in nitrates? I know in my shrimp tank the sponge is pretty dirty after 2 weeks, and this is a shrimp only tank so it’s not over feed, also the shrimp graze on the sponge all the time. My point is I don’t think enough BB could be developed...
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    Sponges For Hob...

    IMO it does little good to rinse out the sponge in old tank water. The first time you do this the water will turn dark and any further rinse will just be like wash cloths in dirty water. You could rinse then dump the water, refill the container then repeat. Or just run them under the faucet...
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    Question Nerite Snail

    As I have said I don’t think they are not eating considering the size. Thanks all for the info.
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    Question Nerite Snail

    They mostly ignore algae tabs, fine size heck mine are nickel or better already. Thanks.
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    Question Nerite Snail

    I have put a couple Nerite snails in my shrimp tank as well as my community tank. I do enjoy them and I think they add to the tank, however I know nothing about them, they seem to be growing and move around a bit. My questions are how long will they live? How big will they get? I find them...
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    How Often Do You Add Or Change Out Fish

    So this is just a general question or comment. We all know about over stocking our tanks and the pit falls if it. However, one sign of a successful tank is the long life of fish. I for example have 13 neons for over two years. Great fish but honestly after two years I would like to add...
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    Cherry Shrimp Losing Color!

    Thanks, I think, I was thinking of tiger barbs. However, I did notice a school of neon tetra’s in the picture. If these are in the same tank as the shrimp, this is not a good recipe for a successful shrimp colony IMO.
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    Why Are Rcss Dying?

    All I would like to say to you is please post your success with pictures. Also, good luck in this effort.
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    Cherry Shrimp Losing Color!

    Question aren’t Cherry barbs super aggressive? If I am thinking of the right fish theses with shrimp in the same tank is not a good idea. Color change could possibly be your least concern.
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    Baby Shrimp Are Super Tiny!

    Thank you for posting this, others as well as myself have posted repeatedly that in order for a colony of shrimp to develop it would be best to keep them in a species only tank. Most fish are big enough to eat shrimp fry, and even if not eat them they can get them in their mouths. No cherry...

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