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  1. Orion1066

    Ugh.... what's wrong with him now?!?

    Wishing him a full recovery, as well. Orion
  2. Orion1066

    Ugh.... what's wrong with him now?!?

    In my case, I decided it was time to take the tank down, separate all the gravel/sand, and other items, and start again. Oh, did I say, First, find a suitable, temporary, home for your Betta?
  3. Orion1066

    Why is my amano constantly fanning?

    I will offer a guess. I notice that the front appendages move when this behavior is seen. The quick movement of the back appendages creates a water flow that draws particulates and organisms from front to back, past the shrimp's mouth. A way to 'strain' food and eat without having to move...
  4. Orion1066

    Comment by 'Orion1066' in media '46DD7B8F-2DAC-45AB-B6A5-5306F71C3455'

    @DIYbetta Excellent. Thank you, I wanted a set up that was simple, and reasonably priced. It works like a charm!
  5. 46DD7B8F-2DAC-45AB-B6A5-5306F71C3455


    Perry received an upgrade to his Aqueon Mini/Bow. His new habitat is brighter, more open, and larger. He now has 5 gallons to roam.
  6. Orion1066

    Opps I Did It Again!

    I did some research into names for Bettas. Feel free to consider any of them.
  7. Orion1066

    Sleeping Or Dying

    Excellent news.
  8. Orion1066

    Question Random Discussion...

    Absolutely! The game is afoot.
  9. Orion1066

    Ghost Shrimp Picking At Betta Fins

    Can any Ghost Shrimp share a tank with a Betta?
  10. Orion1066

    Question Random Discussion...

    Thank you, kindly. What can I say? My mother raised me right. I made a request to enter. Then again, a vampire must be invited in, as well.
  11. Orion1066

    Question Random Discussion...

    I may be late to this .discussion, but random describes the ideas in my brain. I was pretty good at Biology and Zoology in college. May I follow alon?
  12. Orion1066

    Comment by 'Orion1066' in media 'IMG_20190914_072344309'

    This is a colorful image. Quite striking. Natural lighting?
  13. Orion1066

    How Do I Address Ammonia?

  14. Orion1066

    How Attached Are They To Us?

    I too am a big believer in pre-soaking freeze dried food. Pellets too. It also helps me be patient, in order to avoid over feeding my Betta. He has no idea what “all things in moderation” means.
  15. Orion1066

    Sleepy Betta... What Is Wrong?

    Shrimp are expensive. My Ghost Shrimp (now, really ghosts) were $2 each, for 10. Most were small and medium. A few were large. Regrettably, I am not trying on adding to Perry’s habitat. Not unless I upgrade to a larger tank.
  16. Orion1066

    Sleepy Betta... What Is Wrong?

    Periods of fasting, and not being fed, can help with digestive track issues. Perry still seems to nap more than I would like, but it his life. In the end, all works out with me, and Perry, both being happy.
  17. Orion1066

    Comment by 'Orion1066' in media '20190906_143847'

    @Carolyn Underwood even though he may be lonely, he is not really alone. Thanks to you.
  18. Orion1066

    Sleepy Betta... What Is Wrong?

    It is possible that he is getting more comfortable with this environment, and he is all settled in. I bought my boy Perry a toy that perked up his interest. It is a floating plastic ball, with a mirror attached, which hangs underwater. Perry enjoys flaring, and posturing, to show the intruder...

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