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  1. AmazonPassion

    Aquatic Critter Visit

    Don't forget to bring a cooler with you just in case you do purchase in any aquatic pets.
  2. AmazonPassion

    Question Forktail Rainbow Fins

    could be stress related
  3. AmazonPassion

    Help Feeder Platies

    They are only called feeders because they aren't wanted. They are babies
  4. AmazonPassion

    75 Gallon Nano Tank Build

    Ordered 4 of these... going to have terrace gardens in the 75g Slowly getting equipment
  5. AmazonPassion

    75 Gallon Nano Tank Build

    Have driftwood soaking in a tub of water outside on my deck. I will probably soak it for a couple of weeks
  6. AmazonPassion

    75 Gallon Nano Tank Build

    Just got the tank. This is going to be a slow build. My plans for this tank is transfer all my RCS from their 40 g to this 75g. Future fish stock: dwarf cories
  7. AmazonPassion

    Neo Shrimp Collection

    I now have 4 berried yellow shrimps
  8. AmazonPassion

    Neo Shrimp Collection

    I'm getting back into Shrimps. I have a 40 gallon breeder Red Cherry Shrimp tank which has probably over a thousand of them. I bought the low grade RCS and now their some really dark red to wine color shrimps being produce in that tank. My first colony of 12+ RCS I received was over 2 years...
  9. AmazonPassion

    Livebearers In Ponds

    Yeah, you would have have scoop them all out for the winter if you want them to survive. I knew a guy who put Neons in his outdoor pond and they bred naturally. Before it got cold, he would drain the pond and net all the fish to overwinter inside.
  10. AmazonPassion

    Question I’m A Shrimp Daddy!!!!!!

    Perfectly safe with pond snails
  11. AmazonPassion

    Petco $1 Per Gallon Is Back!

    I know PetSmart does price can try printing or showing the advertisement to the store manager.
  12. AmazonPassion

    Should Plants Be Quarantined Also?

    My 125 gallon started snail free until I ordered plants from someone that wasn't a snail free tank. Another option is buying TC (tissue culture) plants, guaranteed to be snail free.
  13. AmazonPassion

    Decisions To Make On Fish Tank Size

    It will start somewhere in the late spring. I do not want to order plants/fish during the winter and have a risk of them freezing.
  14. AmazonPassion

    Decisions To Make On Fish Tank Size

    I have those miniature decorations, I use them as props for my guinea pig pictures
  15. AmazonPassion

    Decisions To Make On Fish Tank Size

    Life has kept me away from my favorite forum and hobby. I'm back now along with my fishy obsession. I love nano fish over big fish. However, I have a soft spot for Angelfish that is why I have them in the 125 gallon. I went to PetSmart the other day and checked out the 75 gallon which I...
  16. AmazonPassion

    New 46 Bowfront With Drip Wall And Paludarium Top

    Love it!! Is that a Kessil light fixture in the first picture?
  17. AmazonPassion

    Decisions To Make On Fish Tank Size

    So...I am going to get another fish tank in the Spring... Debating on a 75, 120, or 125 gallon tank. I already have a 125 g, 40g and 20 L, and 5 gallon (starting a different color colony) . I will be breaking down the 40 gallon and putting all my RCS (probably over 1k) in it and stocking...
  18. AmazonPassion

    Planting Aqurium Seeds?

    I grew them, but used the dry start method for the entire tank. Your idea sounds like it would work. I would put a syran wrap over the cup to create some humidity so the sprouts don't dry out.
  19. AmazonPassion

    20 Gallon Tank Cherry Shrimp Tank Mates

    I have a 40 gallon RCS tank, the only fish I have in there are dwarf cories.
  20. AmazonPassion

    Help What Sponge Filter To Use For A 5 Gallon Betta Tank

    On my shrimp tanks, I use a sponge filter. I would run the sponge filter and hob at the same time for about 6-8 weeks so it gives the BB time to colonize the sponge filter. There are different brands and sizes...just pick one that fits your tank

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