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  1. fjh

    Help What Deficiency Is This and Plant ID Please!

    thank you!
  2. fjh

    Recommendations on growing out Angelfish fry???

    The 55g would be perfect for them :)
  3. fjh

    Betta sorority

    I agree with @DeDeFishy ... not much will be able to go in there. How many girls do you have? How heavily planted/decorated is it? I think snails are your only option barring more information.
  4. fjh

    Cleaner fish/shrimp to be social friendly with guppies?

    You can add basically any of the dwarf shrimp species. If you are new to shrimp, I would recommend Red Cherry Shrimp because they are easy to care for and will maintain their population in your tank (and get along with guppies and most community fish). Also, add the shrimp last so that the...
  5. fjh

    Help What Deficiency Is This and Plant ID Please!

    Howdy, I got a bunch of aquatic seeds for free (they got mixed in with some fish food I bought) so I decided to try growing them. Well they sprouted (still no idea what they are) and looked good so after a few weeks I moved them to my 55g planted tank. Well now their leaves are turning red...
  6. fjh

    Recommendations on growing out Angelfish fry???

    I've never actually raised angel fry but I would try to get a 50g to raise them in. you can probably do fine in a 30g for a while, but definitely get something larger than a 6.6g. I would grow them to at least quarter size, but larger the better (and the more money you can get if that's...
  7. fjh

    Snail Id Help Please

    Spiked Malaysian Trumpet Snails I bet
  8. fjh

    Help Columnaris Treatment Making It Worse!

    Huh, that seems really strange. I feel like you dealt with a different strain than I have perhaps? I have had columnaris before and have cured it before, but I always seem to get the slow-moving varieties. Just to confirm, you are thinking of the gram-negavite bacterial disease that usually...
  9. fjh

    Question Best Live Food For Bettas

    Depending on where you live, mosquito larvae are SUPER easy. I just stick a bucket of old fish water outside and have a constant supply of live food. (It takes about a week for the water to start growing stuff and for the mosquito eggs to hatch, but once its set up its nearly an endless...
  10. fjh

    Power Outage.

    Nope, they should be fine. You might want to take your filter media and put it in a bucket with fish water (in case it takes more than 5hrs, you don't want it to dry out).
  11. fjh

    Help Columnaris Treatment Making It Worse!

    Hi all, I am despairing over curing the columnaris in my 60g. It has "existed" there for months - I first noticed it at the beginning of this year. But it never really caused problems, the fish's immune systems were successfully fighting it off, but every time I thought it was gone, I would...
  12. fjh

    Corycats Glass Surfing Always!! Help!

    I wouldn't worry about it at all. Cories are very active fish with crazy personalities. They simply don't tire out. Mine glass surf on a daily basis, and they are in a 60g. If they glass surfing in pairs/groups my guess is they are laying eggs. Especially if you did a WC recently. The...
  13. fjh

    Mystery Snail Eating Himself??

    I wouldn't worry about him. He is probably just growing his shell a bit. If he is still like that tomorrow morning, then I would be concerned.
  14. fjh

    What Are Some Of The Best Places To Buy Groups Of Cherry Shrimp?

    100% use craigslist if you can. You can see exactly what you are getting, they don't have to go through the stress of shipping, and their water is probably going to be the same as yours. Only downside is if you live in a remote area there might not be any people breeding shrimp on craiglsist...
  15. fjh

    People Calcium For Shrimp?

    I've dissolved calcium pills into the water for my shrimp and snails, but I wouldn't recommend using a multi vitamin because there is too much other stuff in there. If you want to add extra calcium, I recommend sticking a chunk of cuttlebone in your filter. It'll last a long time and slowly...
  16. fjh

    Question Snail Eggs?

    Those are mystery snail eggs. Even though they are hard, they are still probably viable. If you don't want to hatch them, just throw them into the regular trash.
  17. fjh

    How Is My Stocking?

    Hello @Lefky Personally, I think you are overstocked as you are, without adding any more fish. First of all, 4 angels is too many for a 55g tank. They will become more aggressive as they grow up and will fight for territory when they become adults. If you happen to get a pair, they will...
  18. fjh

    Help How To Get The Best Clean With Sand

    I usually put the siphon tilted halfway into the sand so it gets stirred up a bit. Not so far that it sucks up the sand, but enough that I don't get a layer of junk underneath. You can also just stir the sand before the WCs and just siphon the top, but it doesn't get as clean.
  19. fjh

    Are There Any Good Weekend Feeders?

    I would move the cuttlebone to your filter - it will dissolve faster. If you can det any crushed coral that will help a lot too. Also if you can find any vegetables that your goldfish don't like (maybe blanched carrots? or broccoli?) you can put those in the tank for the snails to eat and...
  20. fjh

    Question Pygmy Corydoras And Sand

    @BettaStef 1. Would caribsea sunset gold sand work for them? I prefer the tan/brown over the white of the moonlight sand. Yes, that sand should be fine. They don't care about the color, although generally speaking a darker substrate will make a fish's color more bold. 2. Will this trigger...

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