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  1. midna

    What Is This Lily

    mine gets huge leaves too :) but on closer inspection it probably is a tiger lotus. the leaf shape is different, rounder instead of more narrow and arrowhead-shaped. plus yours has a lot of specks while dwarf lillies don't.
  2. midna

    What Is This Lily

    i think this is a dwarf lily, nymphaea stellata, but i'm not 100% sure. i have one in my tank.
  3. midna

    Question Fish That Do Well In Pairs?

    are you set on a 5 gallon or are you going to go bigger (5–12 gallons)? i just got a pair of aphyosemion australe killifish (non-annual) in a planted 10 gallon. the annual killifish may be smaller, they only live about a year or two. some other common species of non-annuals (a pair would do...
  4. midna

    Question Piranhas

    because why not
  5. midna

    10 Gallon Tank Midna's Money Drain Betta Tank

    hahaha nooooo i don't wanna breed them!!! these guys are tiny though. they look stupid in my 10 gallon tank lol. they've still got some growing to do. the male will get bigger, more colorful, and will get a longer tail. this is the male, will try to get a better photo of him later. they arrived...
  6. midna

    Endlers Livebearer Photos

    they might not fit certain color/patterns but i'd say blonde, magenta / shocking pink, and red chili
  7. midna

    Inquisitive Ammano

    she is huuuuge! i'm thinking about getting a female for my killifish tank. my male amano in my cherry shrimp tank has tons of personality.
  8. midna

    Not Sure What’s Happening To My Plant Pls Help !

    yeah that's definitely a nutrient deficiency of some kind. could also be that the leaves are too old? fertilizers will help, but the leaves aren't going to get any better. you'll either have to trim them off or just leave them be.
  9. midna

    What's That One Plant For You?

    yeah, water wisteria is mine too i think lol. fast grower, looks nice, does well in low light, takes up lots of space to make the tank look fuller and more jungle-like. i have a 5g shrimp tank full of it and have been slowly replacing plants that aren't doing so well in my other 5g with wisteria...
  10. midna

    Not Sure What’s Happening To My Plant Pls Help !

    i think they're just microfilaments. it's part of the roots.
  11. midna

    Better Betta Tank

    it looks great!!! i love the mosses' growth
  12. midna

    Anyone Know What This Is?

    @Bryangar is correct, it is bladderwort. maybe utricula gibba. it is invasive and the little sacs eat microfauna. if you like it, go ahead and keep it! but it will make a mess of your tank if not kept in check.
  13. midna

    Is This Mulm? Detritus?

    they're called diatoms, also referred to as brown algae. i have a tank that's been battling diatoms for months. they like new tanks, lack of current, silicates, hard water, and can thrive in low light. i too have a betta so i can't increase the flow at all or else he'll be knocked around. i do...
  14. midna

    What The Heck Did I Put In My Betta's Tank?

    it's a dwarf lily, nymphaea stellata. if you want to trim any of the leaves, sinply cut them down to the bulb.
  15. midna

    Very Interesting Floating Plant: Anyone Know What It Is?

    mosaic plant, ludwigia sedioides. it does best in ponds. Mosaic Plant (Ludwigia sedioides) Potted Plants | PondMegastore
  16. midna

    Single Species 10 Gallon

    you can try apistogramma or ram cichlids too. peacock gudgeons are also pretty. i'm getting a pair of aphyosemion australe killifish in one of my 10 gallons and male endlers in my other 10 gallon.
  17. midna

    A Beginners 55 - Aka My 2nd Big Mistake

    ohhh, what! i had no idea. i just drove through waco on our family vacation down to lake travis/austin, had to boo baylor as we drove past. :) slowly because of construction on 35. aquabid is so hard to look through on my phone. i bet it's much more desktop-friendly. i checked aquabid for...
  18. midna

    A Beginners 55 - Aka My 2nd Big Mistake

    you're in houston though aren't you? wait. are you in san antonio? i don't remember anymore lol so the tank IS cycled now? how long did that take, 3 months? haha aquatic arts has some nice endlers but right now all of them are out of stock. aquabid would probably have higher quality specimens...
  19. midna

    Multiple Plants To Id. Any Help Appreciated

    @Crispii 's guesses are correct. a looks like some kind of water reed almost. similar to horsetail rush grass? it could be something like giant hairgrass but it's hard to tell. c is anubias, possibly frazeri (anubias frazeri) g are micro swords (lilaeopsis brasiliensis)
  20. midna

    A Beginners 55 - Aka My 2nd Big Mistake

    c'mon man, throw in the towel! how is it down there? flooded? i just ordered a pair of aphyosemion australe orange killifish for my 10g. i'm excited. don't they have blue silverados on aquatic arts? they look super cool.

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