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    75 Gallon Fowlr Re-stocking List

    My tank just had a huge loss of fish due to velvet. As of right now, only the pajama cardinal pair, green chromis, and pink spotted shrimpgoby remain. Yesterday I started to dose the tank with Cupramine, and the tank is showing some signs of recovery. When the velvet disappears completely...

    How To Catch Fish Without Moving Rocks

    I've just started the treatment. Should I add a UV sterilizer to the tank or not?

    How To Catch Fish Without Moving Rocks

    Awesome! I'll do that! Thanks for your advice!

    How To Catch Fish Without Moving Rocks

    I've made a horrible mistake not quarantining my fish before they went into my 75 gallon FOWLR, because now there is a velvet outbreak that has so far killed two of my fish (my Coral Beauty went first then my Lemon Butterfly). All I got left is my clownfish, green chromis damsel, two pretty big...

    Sump Evaporation Is Really Fast!!

    My sump in my 75 gallon FOWLR evaporates really really fast! It only takes a day for the water level to get close to the return pump, which is bad because if the pump is exposed to air it starts shooting microbubbles everywhere. I keep my light off and I put frozen water bottles in there as...

    Coral Beauty Angelfish Gill Flukes Treatment

    My Coral Beauty Angelfish appears to have gill flukes. He's still swimming a lot and eating, however he seems to be getting worse. I'm planning to treat the tank with a chemical like Prazipro, though I might just treat him in a kritter keeper full of saltwater since I'm planning to buy some...

    How To Save A Sick Urchin

    My urchin passed today. I'm going to make a memorial. I only acclimated him for 1 hour. I read you should do for 3 hours or more. I'll do that next time.

    How To Save A Sick Urchin

    Just last Monday I added my first creatures to my 75 Gallon FOWLR!! I added a Millet Seed Butterflyfish & a Red Pencil Urchin. The day after adding them the sump level started to decrease so I added more salt water (the salinity was also pretty low at the moment. Now however, my urchin's...

    Aquarium Sump Level Going Down

    I’ve been trying to set up a 75 gallon FOWLR and so far the filter is working. However there’s a problem. My sump level keeps on going down to the point where my pump starts sucking up air and creating bubbles. What am I doing wrong? BTW I have a Pro Clear wet/dry sump and I’m using an...

    Aquarium Sump Plumbing Leaking

    Okay. I'll try that.

    Aquarium Sump Plumbing Leaking

    A piece of plumbing in my sump for my WIP 75 gallon aquarium is leaking (see image) How do I stop this?

    What Is This Worm?

    I found this worm in my 75 gallon and I’m wondering what it is. I’m thinking it’s good so far, but I’m not sure. Does anyone know what this could be. My live rock is from Hawai’i (farmed because it’s illegal to take wild rock). If it’s good I’m going to put it in my 10 gallon to clean the...

    Preventing Sump Overflow

    No I'm going to drill a siphon breaker in the return tube.

    Preventing Sump Overflow

    I read online that you could drill the return nozzle below the water lever to break siphon.

    Preventing Sump Overflow

    My WIP 75 gallon's Wet/Dry Sump just overflowed while testing. Everything's fine right now, but I'm wondering how to prevent this from happening again, mainly because there's a hurricane coming to my location (which means "power outage" :eek. I have a Pro Clear Premier sump and I'm wondering if...

    Clownfish Occasionally Sits Still On Rock

    My clownfish in my 10 gallon nano FOWLR sometimes sits on the rocks motionless. It doesn't move it's fins, but I could see it's gills doing its thing. However, after a minute or so, my clownfish will instantly start swimming again, eating, and acting normally. It seems to only do this when I...

    Filling Up Tank Before Adding Filtration.

    Awesome! I have a powerhead! Time to get started.

    Filling Up Tank Before Adding Filtration.

    Still waiting for my replacement overflow box to come in, which I'm getting because the original one was too big to fit on my tubing. I'm wondering if I could try filling up the tank before adding the filtration. Will it still cycle if I add some live rock, sand, and bacteria? Maybe could I add...

    10 Gallon Hawaiian Tide Pool Plan

    I could make a budget friendly list for that. Petsmart sells a 45 gallon aquarium ensemble for $249.99. The rest over here could be bought on Amazon: Aquaclear Power Filter ($34.99) Heater ($17.00) 40 lbs live sand ($43.98) (it's sold as a 20 lb bag, so you'll need to order two bags)...

    The Dark Hobby (anti-marine Aquarium Movie)

    Actually, the Hawaiian fishery doesn't use any cyanide. Only nets. It's a shame because the Hawaiian fishery is the main fishery the film rants about.

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