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  1. Hunter1

    Question Feeding Fish

    I drop it into a plastic cup of tank water. In about 5 minutes, I stir the mix and drop it slowly into the tanks. How depends on the stocking. In tanks with corys, I dump a lot at one time so some gets to the bottom. Without bottom feeders, I do it more slowly.
  2. Hunter1

    What Size Tank For Oranda Goldfish?

    Google “versa lid.” I have them on all of my tanks after removing the original plastic ones. Now I just buy tanks. Then custom filters, heaters, lids and lights. A big fan of the Beamworks 6500 lights.
  3. Hunter1

    Mystery Snail Help

    Mystery snails lay their eggs in clutches, above the water line. Not sure what those are.
  4. Hunter1

    Question First Aquarium 20 Long

    If money is an issue, try a couple of double sponge filters with an air pump. Perfect for shrimp since you don’t have to worry about them getting sucked into your filter. I have both a 20L and a 20T each has this filteration. Sponge filters don’t suck up debris but are excellent biological...
  5. Hunter1

    Api Master Test Kit

    I usually get tube from all 6 of my tanks, do the nitrates test in 2 of them, shake for a minute, then do the next 2 and so on. But I shake the #2 bottle just before I put it in although it was shaken 2-3 minutes earlier. That way I know it’s safe.
  6. Hunter1

    Is This A Good Idea?

    I take that as, “Yes?” Putting the shrimp in an 1.5 year old, established tank and moving the fish would be better for everyone involved?
  7. Hunter1

    Is This A Good Idea?

    Bump. So I never got an answer to the original question. Would it be better to move the fish from this established tank and add shrimp? The second photo is the tank i’m talking about. As you can see it has plenty of cover.
  8. Hunter1

    Do Livebearers Know Where To Stop?

  9. Hunter1

    What Would You Add?

    The exact same advice I would give. Cherry barbs aren’t very active, but the males are pretty. And they don’t nip. I was wondering when someone would mention corys.
  10. Hunter1

    Question Lighting Question

    I like the tank. Try shorter light periods. And i’m a nerite snail fan too.
  11. Hunter1

    Api Master Test Kit

    You can buy just the nitrates test kit.
  12. Hunter1

    Do Livebearers Know Where To Stop?

    If you get a female, you really should get 2 or 3. The male will stress out a single female, usually resulting in a very early death. But the offspring will be multiplied by how many females you have.
  13. Hunter1

    Beware, Seeding A New Aquarium

    With multiple tanks, taking existing, seeded filter media works well. I always plan my tanks in advance. Part of this plan is putting an air driven sponge filter in a cycled tank for at least a month before setting up the new tank. So far, so good.
  14. Hunter1

    Question Anything In Addition To Api Master Kit?

    They sell (API) a GH/KH test kit. Like Mattgirl, I think I used mine 1-2 times. But I should probably use it more. The only thing I test for regularly is nitrates. If I change my filteration, or start a new tank, I test for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. But that is rarely. I have bought...
  15. Hunter1

    Question If You Could Do It All Over Again...

    Probably 12-15 cardinal tetras, 2-3 angels, 10-12 sterbia corys and a bristle nose pleco. Maybe 2 rams for the bottom. And a couple of snails. Edit: I like harlequin rasporas too. I used cardinals because they will tolerate 80 degrees better. But the 12-15, should be 15-20 in a 55.
  16. Hunter1

    Disappearing Nitrites

    You answer Mattgirl’s queation. Everything I have read says the beneficial bacteria goes dormant below 6.0 PH. If it was my tank I would keep the crushed coral in permanently.
  17. Hunter1

    Do I Need To Do A Water Change

    It worked way better than wrapping my hand around it. Thanks.
  18. Hunter1

    Do I Need To Do A Water Change

    Skavatar. Great idea. I have a couple of tanks I clean my intake sponges 2Xs a week, trying to contain the loose material. I’ll try the bag tonight.
  19. Hunter1

    Help Lumps On Corydoras - Now Fuzzy

    Do the bumps look like this? I doubt it’s the same issue since mine was bloated. Fish Lore folks told me it was from overfeeding. I cut back feeding for a week, then fasted the tank for 5 days. All better now. But yours looks slim, not bloated.
  20. Hunter1

    Help Angelfish Suddenly Aggressive?

    It’s usually an age thing. When the angel is young, they are pretty docile. As they grow and age, they can become more aggressive. How big is the tank?? And what’s the stocking? An aggressive angel in a large enough tank shouldn’t be a problem depending what other fish you have. But if the...

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