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  1. ryanr

    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    Looks good @Mike Are we missing a few icons and minor bits? I'm seeing lots of little squares on buttons (browser = Chrome) Is it just the CDNs need to be updated? There's a lot of errors in the console logs...
  2. ryanr

    Question New Post Problem, Anyone Else Noticed?

    Ooh, ok, I don't use the main forum page, so haven't really noticed. I use the New Posts link in the header menu bar Recent Posts
  3. ryanr

    Coral Fading

    Hi, Acans and hammers are quite sensitive to parameters. Even in a stable established tank, they can still be a bit tempremental. Ammonia definitely won't be helping, and spikes in temperature can quickly and dramatically affect corals. As for parameters, a general guide for a reef tank is NO3...
  4. ryanr

    Question Seneye Reef

    Hi, welcome to Fishlore. The Reef system looks pretty capable, but also maybe not worth it. It monitors NH3, which is great, but in a cycled tank, it's kinda redundant. I'd much prefer to see a system that monitors NO3, but the probes are ridiculously expensive. pH is nice, but really, in an...
  5. ryanr

    Question New Post Problem, Anyone Else Noticed?

    Hi Cherie, If you've made the post, or read the thread, it won't show under new posts anymore. e.g. it gets marked as 'read' and no longer appears. New posts only shows new posts that you haven't read. Is that what's happening?
  6. ryanr

    Seachem Iron Flourish, How Often To Dose?

    Hi, welcome to Fishlore. How often and how much to dose depends on the types of plants, other fert's you might be using and the level of iron already in the water. Do your plants show signs of Fe deficiency? (that is, pale yellowing of new growth or the entire plant) The best advice I can give...
  7. ryanr

    Sump Evaporation Is Really Fast!!

    Hi, I agree with John. It's pretty normal. You'll experience evaporation from any exposed surface. That means the display and the sump are both areas for evaporation, especially the overflow areas (overflow weir, baffles etc). I was experiencing about 1% evaporation per day (0.5G), and just had...
  8. ryanr

    When's Your Anniversary?

    January 2010 for me
  9. ryanr

    Question Advice On Coral Gobys Please!

    Hi, I don't much about gobies. They are considered a peaceful species and can be kept in groups. It's possible they are pairing up, but too early to say mated pair, that can only be confirmed if they breed.
  10. ryanr

    Premium Online Fish Retailer. Uk

    @Coradee may be able to guide you
  11. ryanr

    Question How To Find The Cause Of Algae

    Hi, Treating algae can be a difficult task. The first step is to identify the type algae, then from there, you can identify the likely cause(s). The following website is a great resource for identifying and treating the causes of many common algae Aquarium Algae ID (updated May6th '10 Surface Skum)
  12. ryanr

    Forum Issue - Gateway Error

    Hi @Nick72 It's not just Fishlore. I believe it's a cloudfare problem. I've had issues with Fishlore, and other websites getting the same errors that use cloudfare. Cloudfare's service status page indicates recent issues with network performance. Unfortunately, I think this is out of Mike's...
  13. ryanr

    Ban On International Sale Of Rare Reptiles

    Let me preface by saying that I'm all for the protection of native species from extinction. I'm also somewhat against the domestication and trade of wild animals as many can't (or don't) care for them properly. In Aus, the ornamental animal trade is heavily regulated. SW fish, wild caught, is a...
  14. ryanr

    Anyone Else Frustratingly Disadvantaged By Location?

    Hi, Yep, we have it a bit rough when it comes to hobbies. Economies of scale mean that everything is relatively more expensive here, and Tassie makes it worse... Transportation/freight costs alone are ridiculous. I do know that most dedicated aquariums (not a chain store) will build to order...
  15. ryanr

    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Kangaroo is delicious, if served properly. It has to be rare, otherwise it gets too tough to eat. It's a delicious, lean meat. In some areas, Kangaroo are considered to be over-populated, but I don't believe they're considered to be plague levels. We also eat the other animal on our coat of...
  16. ryanr

    Important Mother & Family Poisoned By Palytoxin Coral Defense

    Hi, I don't think this is a definitive warning. I'm not saying keeping paly' is not dangerous, but, apart from sensationaialised media reports, you need to understand how palytoxins work. You need to read the article completely. "She developed a raging fever less than an hour after she finished...
  17. ryanr

    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Hiya, welcome to Fishlore! Your recipe sounds, umm, interesting. The dried pineapple and coriander (sorry, cilantro for Americans ) sounds interesting. Tonight, I did baked chicken breast marinated in buttermilk, garlic and parsley. Roast carrots, and duck fat roasted potato and sweet potato...
  18. ryanr

    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Tonight, I give you Lamb chops with minty yoghurt accompanied by a chargrilled broccoli and bulghar wheat salad Recipe
  19. ryanr

    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Wow, everyone must be starving, no updates for a couple of weeks :hilarious: Anyway, here's tonight's Bloody mary linguine with chilli/garlic butter prawns The recipe is from Gordon Ramsay's cookbok, but just google the recipe, you'll find it He uses lobster for this recipe, but it's so dang...
  20. ryanr

    Help Best Way To Move A Reef Tank

    Hi all, Here's my guide to moving a SW tank Guide to Moving a Saltwater Aquarium

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