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  1. Eaton

    Insects ok to feed to fish?

    Hey, I have a bucket of water outside with these little insects. I know some of them are mosquito larvae but I don’t know the other ones is it ok to feed them all to my fish?
  2. Eaton

    Can anyone Id this Cichlid

    Just curious what this cichlid is can anyone help me? I think it might be a vieja zonatus
  3. Eaton

    Faux blackwater/breeding tank

    So basically I have a tank that I wanted to share with you guys its a 90 liter tank with with a top filter. Its is a planted tank with wisteria, amazon sword, cryptocoryne , java moss, java fern and anubius.Tthere's also some oak leaves, coconut caves, driftwood, pebbles and a clay cave. They...
  4. Eaton

    How much water for ph test

    Does anyone know how much water to use for the api test ph test kit because my little vial smashed but I still have half a bottle of the test solution.
  5. Eaton

    Do Nannostomus beckfordi eat fry?

    hey so In 1 of my tanks I'm swapping out my tetras for some pencil fish becasue theres a breeding pair of dwarf cichlids in there and i dont wont the fry to get eaten by the tetras. So I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with Nannostomus beckfordi eating fry or knows anyone with...
  6. Eaton

    How to id pennywort

    Does anyone know how to id the diderent types of pennywort because I bought some a week ago from this local plant seller a while ago but I forgot to ask which variety it was also would photos help?
  7. Eaton

    How much leaf litter

    So I finally got ahold of some oak leaves for my 20gallon. How much should I add and how often should I top it up? This is what I’ve added so far
  8. Eaton

    Small water changes replacing big water change

    Hey so normally I do 25% weekly water changes but what if I did 5% water changes 5 times a week?
  9. Eaton

    Poop in the gravel

    Hey Just wanted to ask a question every time I upset the gravel or plant a plant a cloud of poop comes up is that bad or will it cause and ammonia spike?
  10. Eaton

    Should I add shrimp

    Hey guys I’m looking for some advice I have this spare 7gallon that I’m using to regenerate some of my plants that were dying(this tank grows plants really well for some reason)the only stocking is this really old sparkling gourami that my lfs gifted me and I just though it would be a cool idea...
  11. Eaton

    Agapanthus roots safe?

    Hi I found this really cool root from my agapanthus whil digging up my garden does anyone know if it will be safe to use in a tank?
  12. Eaton

    Peppermint bristlenose won’t eat

    Does anyone have any tips on getting a bristlenose to eat I’ve offered cucumber and algea wafers just after I turn off the lights but I haven’t seen her touch anything I used to breed Bristlenose a couple of yours ago but I’ve never had a problem getting them to eat
  13. Eaton

    Anyone know why this cryptocorne is dying

    Hey does anyone know why this crypt is dying? I use api root tabs and a led light
  14. Eaton

    Bristlenose gender

    Hey does anyone know the gender of this peppermint bristlenose he/she is about 8cm not sure the age though I was told it’s a female
  15. Eaton

    Fish lore gone black

    Hey I have a bit of a problem I must of clicked something but fishlore is mainly black with a bit of aqua does anyone know how to get it back to white?
  16. Eaton

    Do botanicals affect ph

    Hey guys I'm buying some alder cones and some loquat leaves and I'm wondering if they will lower the ph? I would really love it if the did, my ph is around 7 at the moment.
  17. Eaton

    Is Stucco/render safe

    Hey I wanted a bigger bucket for doing water changes and I found a 25litre bucket that used to be used for Stucco/render a while ago. there’s a bit of dry stuff stuck to the bottom but if I remove it do you reckon the bucket will be safe for water changes?
  18. Eaton

    Peppermint Bristlenose bent fin

    Hey guys so I just bought a peppermint bristlenose it’s about 8cm and one of its fins are bent and the last owner said it’s been like this since it was born will this affect the overall health of the fish and if I end up breeding it will it babies also have bent fins
  19. Eaton

    Weird snail thingy

    Hey a couple of months ago I found these two white snail things that were at the front of the glass and would not move I lost track of them but recently I found them again on the other side of the tank does anyone know what there are? Sorry for the bad photo my camera wouldn’t focus
  20. Eaton

    Wisteria losing leaves

    Hey I have water wisteria but the leaves in the bottom are melting but the ones in the top are flourishing is that lack of nutrients or bad lighting I just put in some new leds today
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