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  1. LoganKarl

    Help identifying bugs in my shrimp tank

    Hi all. Hoping someone can help me identify these bugs in my shrimp tank. They seem seem to be growing in numbers!. They mostly cluster on the back glass that has a lot of algea. They move around quite quickly on the glass and sometimes swim around. My shimps are starting to breed so I don't...
  2. LoganKarl

    Sex of Kribensis?

    Can anyone help me with sexing this kribensis? Thanks!
  3. LoganKarl

    Peace lillys?

    Has anyone been successful growing peace lillys in an aquarium? I just built an above tank sump with the intention on growing plants in it. Iv got peace Lullys, Pothos and bamboo in it so far. Any ideas of what other house plants I can add that are aquarium safe?
  4. LoganKarl

    Keeping Infusoira culture going long term?

    Has anyone kept an infusoira culture going for long term? If so how do you keep it healthy? I just moved my Honey Gouramis back to my community tank from the breeding tank. They were in there over a week an were not showing any breeding behavior. I was conditioning them with a feed of BBS and...
  5. LoganKarl

    Brown spot disease/ rust disease?

    Can anyone confirm that this is Brown Spot Disease? About 1/3 of my blue Velvets have this brownish rust color on them. I first noticed it a couple months ago but was told it probably nothing. It wasn't until today when I was doing some reading on shimp and came across an article on varius...
  6. LoganKarl


    Anyone e have an idea on what these might be? Fount them in my Blue velvet shrimp tank. There is also pond snails and 1 single assasin snail in this tank.
  7. LoganKarl

    Change light for more advanced planted tank

    Hey all! I am wanting to change my tank from a low tech planted tank to more of an advanced set up. I have had this tank set up for a while now and I feel now have a solid base of knowledge on how to maintain a planted tank. But I don't know much about lighting. I have used the light and...
  8. LoganKarl

    Sexing Kribensis

    Can anyone help me determine the sex of my 3 new Kribensis? Thanks!
  9. LoganKarl

    Nutrafin Master Test kit

    Anyone use the Nutrafin master test kit and how does it compare to the API master test kit? Is it worth the $150 price on amazon?
  10. LoganKarl

    Nocternal aquarium?

    I have a 5 gallon set up in my daughters room with 4 guppies. We use the tank as a night light so it stays on between 9pm and 7am. It's off during the day with little to no natural daylight. Anyone else do this? Is it okay for the fish?
  11. LoganKarl

    To early to add shrimp?

    Hey all. I just set up a new 10 gallon tank. This will be home to 6 Rasboras that I took from my 45g community tank. I have a breeder tank of blue velvet shrimp and I would like to add some to this tank for a bit of colour. The substrait, plants, filter media and rocks are all from an...
  12. LoganKarl

    5 Gallon Tank Heater stuck on

    Not really looking for help, just thought I'd share an issue I had with a 5 gallon guppy tank I have set up for my daughter. My daughters tank has had two male guppies in it for a couple months now and the tank has been doing great. Yesterday I noticed some new fry swimming around my 45g...
  13. LoganKarl

    Blue velvet shimp not breeding

    Hey all. I have been raising a bunch of Blue Velvet shrimp, about 30 in total and have been trying to get them to breed. They are all from one batch of eggs and are 7 months old now. Any tips on how to get these guys to start breeding? Are they just to young still? They are in a 10 gallon...
  14. LoganKarl

    Vinegar eel starter in Canada?

    Anyone know where I can order a starter culture of vinegar eels in canada? Or if anyone might ship this time of year? Thanks for any suggestions!
  15. LoganKarl

    Best BBS alternatives

    Hey! I want to get opinions on what is the best alternatives to BBS for feeding fry. Currently I'm looking into micro worms. I will be trying a second attempt at breading my Honey Gourami and also my Ember Tetras. I have to leave home a day or 2 once and a while for work so I want to have a...
  16. LoganKarl

    Sump plumbing noise

    Hey! Just did a large water change on my 45g tank. I also Took apart my 10 gallon sump and cleaned it because of a buildup of mulm/detritus underneath the filter media. The sump has been running for about 3 months. When I set it up, it took a bit of messing around but I was able to get it...
  17. LoganKarl

    Transitioning From Bbs To Packaged Fry Food

    HI all! I have 8 Honey Gourami fry that are almost a month old now. They are feeding exclusively on BBS but I would like to switch them to a commercial fry food that I have. It almost 100% krill sized for fry. I have been putting some in every day with the BBS. The fry go for it but then spit...
  18. LoganKarl

    Rust Color On Blue Velvet Shrimp

    Hey everyone. A few of my Blue Velvet shrimp are starting to developed a rusty color on them. They are about 5 months old. I'm hoping they are getting close to a mature breeding age. Is this normal or a sign something may be wrong?
  19. LoganKarl

    How To Feed My Gourami Fry While Gone On Work Trip

    Hey all, I have been called out on a work trip and I am not sure how to feed my 1 1/2 week old Honey Gourami fry while I'm gone. Right now they are eating Infusoria but I was about to switch then to BBS. I think they are just about big enough. I'm leaving in 1 day and will be gone for 4. I...
  20. LoganKarl

    Shrimp Id And Parameters

    Hey all! I have a couple questions. First can someone help me confirm ID on my shrimp? They were sold to me as Green Jade shrimp but I'm not sure if that's accurate. The original 4 I bought all died but one females eggs hatched the night before she died and I was able to get about 30 of them to...
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