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  1. foxrain4

    Scary Worm, sorry for the poor image.

    Too afraid to put my hand into and net it out, will it just die on its own?
  2. foxrain4

    No Bioload = No Water change?

    I have crystal shrimps, Ramshorn snails and chili rasboras. Ramshorn snails are the best cleaners in my fish tank and I do not really feed them, their best part are keeping the glass tank walls ultra clean which makes the planted tank more attractive. So I could say I do not mind making a...
  3. foxrain4

    Submerged filter not reliable?

    I have aquaclear 20 filter, it is perfect except except at night when it makes noises due to bedroom echo. My fluval u2 submerged filter came today, it spins for a while then smoke appeared, and stopped functioning ever again even after switching valve abc and restarting, I am now trying to...
  4. foxrain4

    Worried about my fish tank stand not able to carry 32 gallons fish tank

    No, I have not bought the expensive fish tank yet. I did bought the fish tank stand made in china, however it was not stable when I shake the stand with a 5 gallon fish tank on top of it. I bought the fish tank stand because it was cheap and it can be customized to the correct dimensions...
  5. foxrain4

    How to feed chili rasboras properly?

    They have lived for 1 week, so for certain they are eating something or not, it is really difficult to tell. When I throw those micro pellets the filter just shove the pellets into the vanishing air or did the pump suck it away without it being eaten? Or did the pellets drop to the ground and...
  6. foxrain4

    What eat ammonia in shrimp tank besides filter material and aerobic bacteria?

    I have successfully kept cherry shrimp tanks, crystal shrimp tanks and is now going to snail tanks, so I am not talking out of nothing. I did not use a filter, oxygen pump, but they all survived for at least 2 years. Possibly I removed the ammonia via water change which is troublesome, hence I...
  7. foxrain4

    Can I keep the lead wrapper that looks metallic on my aquatic plants?

    I asked the fish shopkeeper if the metal band from aquatic plants will be toxic to shrimp, he says it is lead and will not rust, but he seems to avoid saying whether it will affects my shrimps. Interestingly I realized my shrimp net also have metallic looking holder, so I went and asked the...
  8. foxrain4

    Is there any light weight substrate for shrimp tank?

    I know it is a bad idea, but I am gonna to buy a 80 kg shrimp tank (About 20 gallons) and put it on my folding table. but what if I fill about 25% of the tank with light weight substrate while the rest of the weight are water. I only have experience with shrimp gravels, is there any light weight...
  9. foxrain4

    Remove bladder snails as they take calcium from the water and shrimps will have moulting issues?

    This is just a theoretical question. I have bladder snails in my shrimp tank and I am keeping them for now since I read a lot of good stuffs about them as they clean the water by eating decaying plants and leftover shrimp food, the only problem is they reproduce a lot, which I will tweezer the...
  10. foxrain4

    Do zero bioload decreases nitrates and cleans the water back to its original state?

    So let's say I have a shrimp/fish tank. I do water change every 2 weeks, if I transfer the waste water to a fully planted tank with no fish/shrimp, will the planted tank with zero bioload cleans the water? Then I could transfer the clean water from the fully planted tank to the shrimp/fish tank...
  11. foxrain4

    7 more 1.4 gallons shrimp tank or 1 10 gallon shrimp tank

    I am seeing many different varieties of shrimps in my local fish store, and they are pretty much cheaper, even cheaper than the shrimp tanks themselves. One question I have is should I mix them up in one 10 gallon tank? Would they fight? Would they breed undesired shrimps? (I am not interested...
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