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  1. tfreema

    What Root Tabs Do You Use?

    Has anyone used these? Aquarium Plant Root Fertilizer Tabs 40 Count : Aquarium Plant Root Fertilizer Tabs 40 Count : Pet Supplies I have been using thrive root tabs from nilocg. That is where I order my dry fertilizers from. I hate osmocote because of the little yellow balls, but...
  2. tfreema

    Tips on hooking up an 18w coralife UV sterilizer to a canister filter?

    Any tips on hooking up an 18w coralife UV sterilizer to a canister filter? I was thinking on my fx4, but at max 700gph, research indicates that would be useless. I have a fluval 307 that is rated at 303gph that seems to be the best candidate, but that was just a stand in until hydor impellers...
  3. tfreema

    Feeding Dubia Roaches to African Butterfly Fish

    Does anyone have experience feeding these little bugs to their ABFs? They have been eating crickets and cut up canned mealworms. They ignore bug bites, even the floating kind. I just bought a colony of the roaches for my nephew to feed his bearded dragons with the hope I could rotate them in...
  4. tfreema

    African Dwarf Frogs and Chytrid Fungus

    Does anyone know if the stock for african dwarf frogs is better as far chytrid fungus is concerned? Or is that still an issue? I am thinking about getting a batch soon, but not wanting to do the tedious daily treatment.
  5. tfreema

    Barb and gymnogeophagus safe plants?

    My beautifully planted 125g has been diminished since I changed stock to black ruby barbs and gymnogeophagus. First pic is from a few months ago. Second pic is today. I LOVE the stock and activity in the tank so gotta figure out what plants are compatible. Anyone have suggestions on stem or...
  6. tfreema

    Sick Praecox Rainbows

    What do y’all think? I pulled this little guy this morning. I think I am about to euthanize. So checked out the rest of the school and 2 out of 3 do not look good. About to pull them to the hospital tank. BUT, wondering what I should do for treating the tank. I have a feeling I am dealing...
  7. tfreema

    Panda Garras

    Hey guys, I have been told that these guys will eat BBA. They seem to be a much better option than SAE or Flying Fox for some setups. I know someone on the forum had gotten a group sometime last year. DioAquatics or DarkOne? Let me know your thoughts and if compatible, how many you would...
  8. tfreema

    Stocking 125g

    Welp I gave up on getting big schools of neon and green fire tetras. I just could not get the numbers up there after 1.5 years of trying. So, I switched gears to gymnogeophagus terrapurpura and black ruby barbs. What do y’all think about this in a 125g with two FX4 canister filters, sponge...
  9. tfreema

    Tfreema's 75g Stock Refresh

    Calling on my Fishlore stocking experts. I have a well established 75 gallon tank that has gone through some changes in stock. Mainly, I lost my male EBA and the Praecox Rainbow school has dwindled from 16 to 6 over the last couple of years (1 male, 5 females). I will be doing a major...
  10. tfreema

    Tfreema’s 5g Nano ?saltwater? Tank

    Hey salty folks! Lchi87, stella1979, Nart, Culprit (who else?) I picked up this neat little 5 gallon tank for cheap and was going to do a betta or shrimp tank, but as I look at it I wonder if it would be a good prospect to get my feet wet with a saltwater tank. What do you think? Here is...
  11. tfreema

    Tfreema's New 75g

    Welp, I snagged a Labor Day deal on a 75 gallon tank setup at Petsmart. The stand is really sturdy, it came with glass canopies, and a rubbish marineland light (I will use on extra tanks when needed). I was able to get a 20% off coupon by playing the stupid game on my ap. A $500 setup cost me...
  12. tfreema

    40b And 65g Stocking

    Hey guys, I need your help with a little shuffling of fish. I have the following stock already (not all currently in the same tank) that I plan to stock these two tanks with: Electric Blue Acara pair 12 kuhlI loaches 5 adolfoi corydoras (will be 12) 1 Pearlscale platinum angelfish 1 male...
  13. tfreema

    Ordering Frozen Foods Online?

    My local source has discontinued carrying the jumbo bloodworms that my larger fish and ropefish enjoy. Ugh! I have not bought frozen foods online before. Does anyone do that and if so, who do you order from? Kens fish is out of stock and tend to be on anything I look for on their site so...
  14. tfreema

    Need Help For Plant Id

    Can anyone help me ID this plant?
  15. tfreema

    Tfreema’s New 75g Build

    So, I picked up another 75 gallon tank with plans to replace the 55g. I really love the wider tanks. Phase 1 was to rearrange some tanks. That has been done and it is finally set where I want it. Water test is done, black background (window cling) is on, and half a bag of black diamond...
  16. tfreema

    Drafts Disappearing

    This is getting really frustrating!! When I minimize the ap in my phone to go copy links to YouTube, etc., and go back to insert the link, the draft is GONE. At times I have typed up quite a bit and mostly just say forget it and don’t post. I don’t have time to keep re-doing the same post...
  17. tfreema

    App Use And Privacy Policy

    So, the ap was not coming up for me all day yesterday. I finally this morning went to web view and had to check that I read the privacy policy. Was I blocked from using the ap until I did this? And how was I supposed to know that when it was just the ap not loading conversations? How many ap...
  18. tfreema

    Tfreema’s Bn Pleco Breeding Journal

    So, let’s get this party started. I have a few different types of plecos I want to breed. Many are not mature enough yet but I think my super red marble male and chocolate marble longfin female (that apparently also has a red gene) are about there. I am seeing some breeding behavior (I...
  19. tfreema

    Sick Kribensis - Treat Or Euthanize?

    I have a 6 year old kribensis that I noticed wasn’t coming out to eat the last couple days so I went in and pulled some rockwork and found her in the 125g. She has been my centerpiece, always out, up front and center at feeding time. Her belly is swollen and eyes bulging. I am guessing that...
  20. tfreema

    Complete Noob Getting 55g Saltwater Tank With Fish?

    55g tank available in our local area (well 2 hours away) for $250, that includes live rock and a good stock of fish. How in the world do you break down and immediately reset up the tank to keep the cycle, salinity levels, and whatever I have no clue about so the fish can go right back into it...
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