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  1. Bezzzzzy24

    Blue acara with cloudy eyes

    So I’m doing a water change on my 29 gallon grow out tank and just noticed my EBC has cloudiness on his eyes. Tested the water yesterday both with the API kit and the Aquarium CO OP test strips. All levels game out perfectly within safe range. I did notice on the API test the Ammonia was...
  2. Bezzzzzy24

    Dempsey for Community Tank ?

    So my Wife’s friend gave her a ten gallon because she knew i was into fish and her son wasn’t taking care of it. With the tank i inherited a 1”- 2” Jack Dempsey. Not really wanting to put together another tank but also feel bad cause he’s had it so bad already. I have a 75 gallon grow out tank...
  3. Bezzzzzy24

    Hob VS Canister New 75

    So after years of keeping small planted tanks finally decided i missed American Cichlids too much and bought a 75. As far as filtration i know the GPH gets reduced by a percentage once you factor in Media. I’ve heard on a canister you also lose pressure from water traveling up and down the...
  4. Bezzzzzy24

    Ammonia Help

    Hey any help greatly appreciated. Ive been cycling my tank for 3 Weeks now. I had my Ammonia reading at about 1PPM and my Nitrites at 4PPM. Woke up on Monday and my ammonia was basically at zero and the nitrites were slightly lower. Added Ammonia and brought it to 4PPM-5PPM only to find the next...
  5. Bezzzzzy24

    Back after 10 years

    Hi so i finally got back into the hobby after a 10 year break. Have always had tanks 75 and up and used canister filters. My Wife was trying to do a nice thing and bought me a 20 gallon high (not even an 20 long). Kind of have to set it up so i figured id try a non cichlid tank and go with...
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