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  1. Fish Right?

    Fish Right?

    My fish and tanks, thanks!
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    Stocking Stuffers For The Aquarium Enthusiast?

    I'm asking for API master kit and various fish foods, including white worms EDIT: Extension chords with lots of outlets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    is there a freshwater puffer fish? they look like dyed skirt tetras. How big is your tank? And no, they will not sadly mix with those species.
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    55 gallon!!!!

    Hello! The tank is 5 months old, it cycled for 1 and now I am slowly stocking it (check the profile for details!) with all sorts of fish. I was going to do an Argentina biotope but then I thought that maybe bringing all sorts of life into the tank would do it more good. Did I have anything...
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    How is everyone today :)

    Unfortunately, not every fish keeper does know the nitrogen cycle. It is good you do!
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    55 gallon!!!!

    Bam! My the best planted tank i've EVER been in charge of!!!
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    To early to move my cichlids?

    Maybe you should rehome the tetra so he gets a school The shark will outgrow the tank quite fast so I suggest upgrading or rehoming him, too. Did the other 13 kill each other? They are very territorially aggressive. Move the convicts to the 29 gallon, but it won't be a permanent home will it...
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    Captive breeding of Otos?

    That is terrible! As is that!!!
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    Moths to a flame...err fish light

    They are so pretty! Lucky you.
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    36 Gallon Bowfront Stocking

    Yes, they are fin and plant nibblers, but they don't eat a TON of plants. Cherry barbs also do that, except they don't really eat fins as much. EDIT: DO you know what I mean? They eat plant material but they won't gobble down every ingle inch of every single plant.
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    sae and flying fox

    The flying fox are territorially aggressive with their own species and ones that are similar in appearance while the SAE need a group of 5 or more. They won't mix at all.
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    To early to move my cichlids?

    Maybe wait a little bit until you are sure the shark can't swallow them.
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    36 Gallon Bowfront Stocking

    Yes, I nice community WITHOUT discus
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    decorations help

    The answer, OP.
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    Funny Pleco shenanigans!

    That's adorable! I really wish my BN was a little more adventurous
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    decorations help

    They are skirted tetras. You need 4 more for a proper school and to help with any nipping issues that may arise. What kind of pleco?
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    What are your awesome fishkeeping analogies?

    Very MTS endorsing, Graphix.
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    What are your awesome fishkeeping analogies?

    Fish keeping is complicated: Fish keeping is like tap dancing bare foot on a bed of nails with a tiny bit of protection on your big toe, if you miss that protection you're screwed.
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    75 planted tank

    I use them for plants myself, but I have heard others say this is not correct? Maybe they were wrong then. Hallah!!!!
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