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    What The Heck Does My Fish Have?(see Pictures Inside)

    PLEASEEEE HELP Bought 3 fantail goldfish 2-3 months ago from the petshop. ( they are about 1-2inch max) Put them in a new tank that I instantly cycled using some filtration from my other tank. NO AMONIA PIKE WHATSOEVER been testing the water regulary. The highest nitrate I got was 40ppm and did...
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    Black Spot On Body And Tail Goldfish(no Ammonia)

    HI guys! Got 4 new goldfish 2 months ago (around 1 inch) they are in a 15G tank all cycle with my bio filter media from my other goldfish aquarium. Ive been looking at the parameter closely and no ammonia pike showed. No nitrite. Only nitrate the highest I got was about 40-50. But now I make...
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