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  1. deerlybeloved

    My female betta is 'acting' differently with some new behavior, is it an issue?

    Sorry, I know the title is a little vague, but I'm not sure how to describe it! This isn't very critical to the story, but it's some interesting context in my opinion. I bought three female bettas from a breeder a few months back. They were in a sorority tank when I got them and seemed to be...
  2. deerlybeloved

    Howdy Hey! I'm A Little New To Aquariums!

    Hello! My name is Deer and I'm pretty new to aquariums... Sort of? My mom studied ichthyology and always kept fish (She was unable to get her doctorate for financial reasons) my entire childhood, but mostly tropical/exotic fish nearly 9 nears ago when she had to stop for financial reasons...
  3. deerlybeloved

    Can I Make My Fry Feel Safer In The Breeding Trap?

    Hello! My tank has been fairly productive with breeding (from what I can tell I've had maybe two or three births?), but up until today I didn't know about breeding traps, so I haven't had any make it very long. The fry I have right now (Who I've aptly nicknamed Trooper) has been alive longer...
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