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  1. Revan

    Alternates to API Ammonia Test

    You’re probably doing this, but you are keeping only 8 drops of each of the two bottles right?
  2. Revan

    Could rockwool kill my fish?

    Rockwool most definitely did NOT cause what you’re seeing here. Rock wool would take a while to start flaking up, and would probably end up getting cleaned by the filter.
  3. Revan

    Ammonia and nitrite spike after tank cycles completely

    Whats weird is that the whole problem was that the tank seemed cycled, but the second fish were introduced it crashes. Its able to handle 2 ppm ammonia easily, but immediately crashes for fish.
  4. Revan

    Newbie here--thanks for having me!

    Hello there! Welcome to fishlore!
  5. Revan

    Betta with cherry shrimp?

    I’ve been mulling over that factor myself for a while. What if i let the sponge filter seed in my tank starting today, then come winter break set up the tank, then just let it sit for a few weeks and then add a few shrimp?
  6. Revan

    Betta with cherry shrimp?

    I'm thinking of setting up a 5-gallon shrimp tank at some point during winter break, and then adding a betta (maybe at the same time, maybe in summer break, maybe sometime in between) Do you think the betta could live with the cherry shrimp without attacking? And do you think I should get a...
  7. Revan

    Will plants provide enough oxygen?

    I just use a HOB filter, works fine.
  8. Revan

    Ammonia and nitrite spike after tank cycles completely

    Is it just a betta in a 20 gallon? If so I’m thrown, I cant see anyway ammonia and nitrites are like that, unless something else is decaying or you are over feeding EXCESSIVELY. (even still i dont think it would be that high)
  9. Revan

    Ammonia and nitrite spike after tank cycles completely

    I’d say raw ammonia drops is actually much easier. It has an exact value and dosing instructions, which also makes it easier to understand how much you are removing per WC.
  10. Revan

    Ammonia and nitrite spike after tank cycles completely

    Kinda wondering about your stocking. If the tank can handle 2 ppm ammonia and even 4 ppm ammonia, but starts letting ammonia and nitrite rise with your stocking, Im wondering if its overstocked or the test is faulty. I’m not confident on this, but its nice to know
  11. Revan

    Breeding setup for a 10 gallon

    Interesting to see. I’m thinking of starting my first breeding project my self in the summer with white clouds. As for other fish, you might not want more, considering that its a 10 gallon. Two colonies can crowd stuff up really fast. Not sure about it though, I’ve done barely any research. I’d...
  12. Revan

    Cloudy aquarium water, fish dying en masse

    You’ll have to do a lot more than 10%, 50% is more adequate to keep levels low. There are articles regarding fish-in cycles here on fishlore, I’d recommend checking those out. Yeah, stick to ONLY prime. Quickstart is bottled bacteria made to speed up the rate of the cycling process, however...
  13. Revan

    Cloudy aquarium water, fish dying en masse

    Cloudy, murky water isn't lethal to the fish unless its an algal bloom, which would only come about if the tank receives direct sunlight (there are other ways to get an algal bloom but they wouldn't result in murky water) Bacterial blooms aren't as much to worry about, they indicate a relatively...
  14. Revan

    65 Gallon Tank Nitrate still at 20 ppm after 50 % water change

    Hmm. Never really heard of chemical filters messing with processes, but I’m still kinda new to the hobby I guess. I use a sponge, activated carbon, and a layer of biological media. How does the chemical filter mess with aquarium processes? (Btw i just used the stuff that came with my aquaclear...
  15. Revan

    Stocking Ideas for 20 gal tank

    Oop, forgot it’s a high we are discussing. My bad! I have a 20 long, so I was going with my plan.
  16. Revan

    Is my Java Fern melting/dying?

    So I got this Java Fern sometime in June, and it did decent (bit of algae on leaves, plant was still green and healthy), but now leaves are browning and dying off, and there's a new type of algae that I haven't seen before. I cut down on ferts a while back to reduce algae, but I think I did it a...
  17. Revan

    Best aquarium lid and light?

    I just use a glass lid with another light to attach, rather than the provided light I'd get from a closed hood.
  18. Revan

    Stocking Ideas for 20 gal tank

    Not really, while guppies are social, it’s fine to keep only one guppy in a tank. I have 2 in my tank as of right now. If you get 2 more guppies and, say, 8 danios, you have room for 8-9 tetras, IMO. You could strengthen the danio shoal, but their shoaling behavior isn’t as impressive as a...
  19. Revan

    Stocking Ideas for 20 gal tank

    Danios, shrimp, maybe even some tetras to go with em. Get 1 more female to go with the male if you don't end up finding any guppy fry, then add your danios of your choice. (6-7) top it off with a school of tetras (bloodfins or neons or something), or just strengthen your guppy and danio schools.
  20. Revan

    How far away do you hold the vial from the color chart?

    Honestly, considering that it's nitrates, you don't really need an exact reading. I usually struggle to find the exact value, but if it exceeds 20-40-ish is where I do a water change. It's more of a problem with the ammonia and nitrites IMO, but the colors vary better for those tests.
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