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  1. Cue

    BBA scare and more characters because the forum wants it

    I got some more Java ferns because, well, my fish like them. After them being in the tank for approximately 4-5 hours, I noticed they have a bit of BBA on them. I immediately removed them and am proceeding to do a full blackout until Monday. Is there anything else I can do to prevent it from...
  2. Cue

    Peacock gudgeon problems.

    So I have a nice group of peacock gudgeons, but I’ve noticed some things happening. 1. One of the females is missing. I haven’t seen anything of her in two weeks, even after I tore apart the tank and did a water change. I’m worried they’re decaying in a rock somewhere and will throw the...
  3. Cue

    Overgrown hair algae help

    So my 15 gallon is mildly overrun with hair algae. Honestly, I don’t mind it at all, except that it keeps me from doing proper maintenance on the plants because it gums up my scissors. We tried to lower the the light (8-5), it’s been like that for about a month or two, maybe three with no...
  4. Cue

    KH/GH adjustment help????

    I’m prepping a tank for some cherry shrimp, my KH/GH test kit finally got here too! And…. KH 2, GH 1. How do increase them? Is there a way to increase them without having to add extra stuff? I’m not super sure how I feel about chasing a number….
  5. Cue

    Very confused about fishless cycle

    I’m trying to cycle my 2.6 gallon (for cherry shrimp) with fish food and filter media. Well, I did a test today after a few weeks of 2-3 nitrates, and I’m back down to zero. I’m so incredibly confused on how to do this. There’s just so many little important things I can’t wrap my head around...
  6. Cue

    Mosquito Fern questions….

    I finally got my grubby hands on some mosquito fern and now I have questions because there’s surprisingly little information on it. How invasive is it? Can it be completely removed from a tank? Can I keep it in a bowl and just change the water weekly?
  7. Cue

    Underdosed decholorinator

    I, being me, absentmindedly added one gallon worth of dechlorinator to a two gallon bucket. Twice. So far everyone’s acting normal but I’m gonna do another water change anyway once everyone’s done with dinner. Anything else I should do?
  8. Cue

    Where did my fish go?

    I was cleaning the tank today and… two of my gudgeons are gone. I have no idea what happened. No remains. The two remaining girls didn’t eat them (I don’t think), the missing ones were both massive compared to the remaining ones and they’re bellies are normal size. The sponge on the HOB was a...
  9. Cue

    Is my tank done cycling?

    I feel like I know the answer to this, but I want to double check before I drop down to every-other/third day water testing. My parameters have been nice and consistent for two weeks now: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites (spiked 3 weeks ago), 5.0-20 ppm nitrates, and 6.8-7.2 ph. Tank has been running since...
  10. Cue

    Plant and algae queries

    Oh wow hey I’m back again with more questions. Now that I’m nearly done cycling my tank I want to address some smaller issues. 1. My tank has been reading .25 ammonia for a week now, regardless of water changes. Is it safe to assume (for now) that this is a false positive? 2. Can you make a...
  11. Cue

    Serious fin nipping

    I’ve started noticing serious fin nipping between my peacock gudgeons, and am completely at a loss for how to help them. They’re water is very clean, and none have shown signs of fin rot yet. The male’s tail is in perfect shape, I suspect him of doing a good portion of the nipping. I just...
  12. Cue

    Recommended KH/GH test kit?

    Now that I’m starting up a shrimp tank, I need to get my hands on a KH/GH test kit. Any recommendations? Also looking for thermometer recommendations for water changes. I’ve just been guessing by hand :/
  13. Cue

    Bullying or no?

    God, I feel terrible to keep harassing this forum but I feel this is necessary. The male peacock gudgeon and one of the females (who is bloated) keep chasing each other (mostly male chasing female) and fin flaring. I recently noticed him pinning her up against the rocks and I’m starting to get...
  14. Cue

    15 Gallon Tank Minor ongoing bloat

    I attempted to not harass this poor forum for five minutes but here we are. One of my female peacock gudgeons has had minor bloat for the past three days. She doesn’t seem uncomfortable and acts normally. I gave her daphnia two days ago, changed water every day (for other reasons too), and...
  15. Cue

    Serious PH change

    I haven’t tested water since yesterday morning, and well today my PH flew up from barley 6.0 to 7.4. I’m assuming this is normal for a fish-in cycle, but should anything be done about it? Will follow up with the rest of the test results once I finish.
  16. Cue

    Minor finrot treatments?

    One of my peacock gudgeons has some minor finrot. Besides daily/every other day water changes, is there anything else I should do? All of them have torn fins to some extent, is there anything else I should do as a preventative measure? He may have also just gotten himself stuck as I am writing...
  17. Cue

    New guys need names!

    The baby peacock gudgeons have arrived and they need names! One male and two females, very cute. They’re also really obsessed with hair algae and biting my fingers for some reason.
  18. Cue

    Getting nitrates without any spikes?

    Tested my water again, 0 ammonia and nitrites, 5 nitrates. Is this normal/is my cycle finally starting after 3 months (yes I’m feeding the cycle)? That would be wonderful, but I’m also fully prepared to do a fish-in cycle.
  19. Cue

    Some clarification

    I’ve finally gotten around to taking over water changes, and want clear some things up. 1. Should filter media be ‘washed’ (in tank water) every week? 2. Should you try to remove as much algae as possible when changing the water? 3. Will tannins screw with water parameters? 4. If a 15 gallon...
  20. Cue

    Who’s man is this?!

    So, I finally received my order of isopods and this little guy got thrown in with my armadillidium maculatum "chocolates.” I am pretty sure he’s either an armadillidium deppresum or an odd looking armadillidium klugii "pudding,” but I want a second opinion. He’s a very nice man, and I want to...
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