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  1. freckspecks

    HAPPY Tankmates for Large Goldfish

    Howdy, friends-in-fins! I'm nearing completion of a ~380-gallon tank that will be part of a decorative aquaponics system...and serve as a new home for JJ and Lucy -- my sweet 7yo comet and 6yo 'common' goldfish. While I'm thrilled to be providing my great big fishy babies with a big upgrade...
  2. freckspecks

    Best Substrate for Large Comet Goldfish

    Hi All, I would love to get opinions on the best substrate for large comet goldfish. I have 2 large goldfish--one lovely comet and one adorable...spheroidal model. They currently reside in a 55-gallon tank with a thin layer of aquarium gravel as a substrate. I'm working on a 350-gallon...
  3. freckspecks

    Fish-safe Adhesive/Sealant (That isn’t Silicone)

    Hi All, I'm in the process of building a free-standing 'indoor pond'. It has a wooden frame that is lined with an EPDM rubber liner. It's an 'L'-shape and will to fit in a corner. As designed, there are 2 peek-a-boo viewing windows on the front faces of the 'arms' of the unit. We have...
  4. freckspecks

    Fish ID: Friends for Goldfish

    Hi All, I'm currently working on building an aquaponics system that will include a tank that holds roughly 325 gallons of water. I'm going to be housing my 2 large 'common' goldfish, JJ and Lucy. JJ is a comet. Lucy is...round. I know there aren't many tankmates for goldfish other than some...
  5. freckspecks

    Move Large Goldfish

    HI All, We're preparing to move across the country and have 2 large goldfish and 1 large pleco that will be moving with us. We want to make the process as smooth as possible for our fishy friends. Does anyone out there have any good tips, dos and don't, etc? Much appreciated!
  6. freckspecks

    Betta With 'bruising' Around Head And Possible Lesions

    Hello, Our sweet betta, Sugar, has been struggling lately. I posted last month about a mysterious white 'lichen-like' growth she had developed over her left eye (pictured below). I took photos to our LFS and spoke with one of their aquatics experts. He couldn't provide a solid diagnosis and...
  7. freckspecks

    How To 'tone Down' Super Bright Led Lights

    HI All, My goldies have voted: ALL FINS DOWN on the new LED lights. One of my fluorescent hoods recently kicked the bucket. In the photo below, you can see I replaced it with a new LED fixture. It's obnoxiously bright, casts really harsh white light into the tank...and the fish aren't having...
  8. freckspecks

    Seeking Recommendation: Replacing Fluorescents With Leds

    Hi, I have a 55-gallon rectangular tank on which I currently have 2-24" hoods that each take an 18" fluorescent bulb. For a second time, the ballast has gone out of one of the hoods and I've had to replace it. When I went in to our local pet store today, I discovered that they are phasing out...
  9. freckspecks

    How To Encourage Successful Ember Tetra Breeding In Community Tank?

    Hello All, I have a fairly heavily10-gallon planted nano community tank containing: 9 ember tetras 10 (or so) pygmy cories 3 male guppies the ubiquitous pond snails a number of assassin snails (3 adults + some new juveniles roaming around) I've recently noticed that my small school of ember...
  10. freckspecks

    Betta Lichen? (not.)

    HI All, Our beloved betta, Sugar, has had a white spot above her left eye for nearly a year. It hasn't spread and she has no other strange spots on her body or fins. (So I don't think it's ick.) She's quite perky, eats well, naps well and goes about her days without much deviation. I've been...
  11. freckspecks

    Any Way To *humanely* Control Growth Of Common Pleco?

    HI All, I have a question about our beloved pleco, Al. Al is a healthy and I hope happy pleco residing in a 55-gallon tank with his two goldfish friends JJ and Lucy. When I first moved Al and JJ from their original 10-gallon to their current 55-gallon home, I built Al a hidey tunnel. He has...
  12. freckspecks

    Ember Tetras: How Long Until The 'orange-ing' Occurs?

    HI there, I procured a happy school of 9 young ember tetras a couple of months ago. They seem very happy and healthy and have grown quite a bit. However, they all still have their rather neutral coloring. I was wondering, however, how long it takes for them to take on their brilliant orange...
  13. freckspecks

    Secure Air Lines

    HI All, I'm seeking clever ideas as to how to secure airlines under the substrate in my golidie tank. JJ and Lucy, and their pleco friend Al, reside in a 55 gallon moderately planted home. They have a 2-3 inch deep gravel along the bottom and several lines of air running underneath...until...
  14. freckspecks

    Entice A Crystal Shrimp To Show Itself

    HI All, Does anyone have a solid way to lure a crystal shrimp into showing itself? We have a 10 gallon planted tank (with lots of cushy hiding spots) where I'm sure the shrimp are hiding. About every 2 weeks or so...I see one! My hubs, however, does not and I'm getting quite tired of the...
  15. freckspecks

    Cookie Delivery For Pleco

    HI All, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to successfully deliver an algae wafer ('cookie') to a pleco. I have a bristlenose pleco, Al, who resides in a 55 gallon planted tank with 2 strong and chunky goldies. All is well...until dinner time when I shut the lights down and try...
  16. freckspecks

    Dreaming Of A Diy Tank Build

    HI All, We have a really long front entry hall and I've been daydreaming about building a long low tank where my goldies can 'stretch their fins' that would be cased within a sturdy framework that would pull double duty as a bench. It's really cool--in my head--and I'm excited to start doing...
  17. freckspecks

    Heat Loving Betta?

    HI All, I recently bought my betta, Sugar, a small low wattage heater for her 2.5 gallon tank. Even though the heater was advertised as a "betta heater"--claiming to keep the water temp within the "happy betta zone"--I bought a separate thermometer, too. After a day, I was alarmed to find that...
  18. freckspecks

    Urgent: My Tank Is Leaking

    My 10 gallon nano tank is leaking. I only know b/c I stepped in a puddle. I've unplugged and removed filter and airstone. Still leaking. HELP!!!
  19. freckspecks

    Quarantine Alternative?

    HI there, I would like to add a small school of 6 neon tetras to my nano tank. I don't have an 'auxiliary tank' to quarantine the newcomers while watching for any signs of illness or parasites. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can keep my current nano community safe? Thank you.
  20. freckspecks

    'filtration Bonus' Of A Planted Tank?

    HI All, I have a planted 10 gallon nano tank. According to my current levels are quite good: You have plenty of aquarium filtration capacity. Your aquarium filtration capacity for above selected species is 143%. Yay! Now, having said that, with the exception of our 2 male guppies and a...
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