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    Changing Rcs Tank With A Million Babies

    My shrimpies are exploding with babies and I’m pretty sure my little 2.5 gallon isn’t going to be enough for all the new life coming at me. How do I change to a new tank when most of the shrimp I’m dealing with are nearly microscopic? Or rescape an existing one, for that matter?
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    How To Tell If A Dark Neo Is Berried?

    This is my big black/chocolate shrimpie, Keith Emerson. Yes, I know she’s a girl. Don’t binary pigeon-hole her. Anyhow, I got her along with two other shrimp—a yellow Sakura named Carl Palmer and a Red RilI named Greg Lake (pictured above Keith). Greg and Carl are both quite berried now because...
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    Tiny Pond Stocking?

    HI everybody! So, I recently made a little garden pond out of an old sink I found in my back yard (cleaned it thoroughly, plugged it up, sealed with fish friendly silicone, added a pump and filter, all that). It’s a small thing, 17 gallons. A foot deep, 1.5’ long and 1.5’ wide. It has a dwarf...
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    How Attached Are They To Us?

    I’ve been thinking tonight (and maybe drinking)— do bettas (and all fish in general) associate us with more than food? Reason for this line of thought being I’ve done everything food related around them with my hands, so they would associate my fingers with food. But when I put my fingers up to...
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    Meet Harry Dean Stanton!

    I did it. I came back for that fancy dancin’ old man. This is Harry Dean Stanton, and boy he looks like he’s seen some things. He’s doing well so far! He sat at the bottom of the tank for ten minutes but now he’s slowly starting to explore. As for how old he is, I have no idea.
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    Huge Black Neo

    this one’s big enough to eat! I’m not sure if it’s a male or female but it flies around the tank like this constantly and is about three times the size as my other cherries. WHAT ARE YOU, YOU MONSTER? (got it as a “rainbow shrimp” from Petco)
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    Crown Tail Turning On The Charm

    I am smitten with this (old?) man, even though it looks like he’s a little worse for wear. If I go back to work and get him, I do have a cycled 2.5 as a temp home. But what am I dealing with here? Is this fin rot, or just stress? LOOK AT HIM DANCE FOR ME. HeidI on Instagram: “NO. NO **** I...
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    Half Moon Double Tails

    Anyone else have these guys? I hear they are super prone to SBD and digestion problems and just over all a bad mix of genes, but my little guy has been nothing but healthy and wiggly since being pretty darned near death in his pet store cup 2 months ago. ...don’t mind the whitish smudges, those...
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    Help Me Soup Up An Imagitarium!

    I posted a bit ago about a dirted tank I’m experimenting with. I’m using one of those tiny Imagitarium 2.2 gallon Cumberland cylinder tanks, which is okay as just an acrylic tank but it came with a crappy light that was, of all things, AAA battery powered and the filter does nothing but spit...
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    Walstad? Blackwater? Just A Bunch Of Mud?!

    I have a 2 gallon imagitarium cylinder tank that was just laying around, so I decided I’d try an experiment. And I’m not sure what that experiment IS. I had some topsoil and a lot of gravel so I decided I’d rinse both and put some left over driftwood and plant clippings in and, er, it looks like...
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    Mislabeled Betta

    I'm working in my pet store across from all the sad bettas in cups again, and this teeny tiny nugget (less than an inch long) is labeled “crowntail male”. I’m wondering if it’s a baby or a juvenile female. One thing I know the little goober isn’t is a grown up crowntail. Anyone know? Here’s a...
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    Tank Stand Paranoia

    Ssssoooooo. My ten gallon is on a street scored desk that was heavy as **** (putting that thing in my car was a nightmare). I figured it could withstand a hundred pounds. For all I know, someone had a giant CRT TV on it in its previous life. Anyhow, point being, it’s a heavy thing and the wood...
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    Best Thing For A Super Territorial Betta?

    so, I moved my two bettas into a divided ten gallon a week ago. It’s planted to the (pun intended) gills and there are a ton of hiding spots. Neither fish is hiding or acting super stressed, but my little fancy kleenex (the pale one) has turned out to be TERRITORIAL TIMES FIFTY. He obsesses...
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    Happy Little Ten Gallon

    I have no idea what I’m doing! Yaaaaay! I got a reaaaaally good deal on plants, so I went a little nuts. This is what my bettas get for having to spend so much time in dirty cups. There are some ghost shrimp in there somewhere but I’m pretty sure they hide in another dimension.
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    The Betta Odd Couple

    Putting a cycled filter in a new tank does WONDERS (so does over stuffing with plants). Anyhow, my babies have a new home! Look! You can’t really see it in the video but the colorless one, Warren Zevon, has a little patch of scales that have blue outlines that developed last week. Let’s see if...
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    A Fish In The Hand Is Worth Two In Fern?

    Oh no, guys. Next he’ll be perching on my shoulder. Edit: the video refuses to upload and I’m not sure how to delete. Uh...anyhow, my betta is now hanging out in my palm when I put my hand in the water. ...seeing it is cuter than me describing.
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    New (kinda) Ten Gallon Betta Haven!

    I got a used tank from my cherry shrimp supplier and it is old school! It’s wood trim, so it’s the 70s station wagon of aquariums. Never fear, the guy kept it up nicely and the silicone seals are still in great condition and there are no cracks/chips. It also passed the 24 hour test. So woohoo...
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    Older Top Fin Filter Change?

    HI guys! Super dumb newbie question du jour here. I got a great ten gallon set up for a steal not long ago. I’m dividing it for two bettas (I’ve alreasy posted enough idiot questions about it, what’s a few more?) Anyhow, I honestly have no idea how to put a new filter cartridge in. It’s a top...
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    Second Filter For Divided Tank?

    I bought a tank divider with holes from lifewithpets for my ten gallon tank (transporting my bettas into it after it cycles), and am wondering—am I going to need a filter per side? The tank has a top fin 10 gallon filter already, not sure if the water flow will be restricted or not. Help!
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    Your Bettas’ Personalities

    What are your betta friends like? I’ve very quickly gone from regarding fish as a whole as “Nature’s screensavers” to “oh man, these are water puppies” and my bettas certainly contributed. Tom Petty the double tail is constantly darting around his tank. He nips my fingers and just generally...
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