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  1. DanielFish

    Why is my amano shrimps back turning white??

    Can someone help me??
  2. DanielFish

    What should I feed amano shrimp??

    Hello, I got an Amano shrimp last week and I am figuring out what should I feed them I tried feeding them shrimp food but they won't bother it. Can someone please help me??
  3. DanielFish

    Can I refund my fish to a LFS

    Hello, and when I was getting a guppy the employee working there dropped my guppy on the floor and picked it up, and gave it to me. I was just wondering can I get a refund??
  4. DanielFish

    Is this a good size for a 26 day old guppy fry??

    Can someone please reply?? Can someone reply Why is nobody replying
  5. DanielFish

    Should I leave my bbs alone overnight??

    Can I leave my baby brine shrimp overnight in its habitat? I read that you have to keep the extra bbs in the fridge to feed fish.
  6. DanielFish

    Hatching Brine Shrimp For Guppy And Guppy Fry

    Hello, I have been planning to set up a brine shrimp hatchery so I grabbed a cup and brine shrimp eggs and baking soda, and aquarium salt. Right now I am done and I am waiting for it to hatch. I'm just wondering how long does it take to hatch?? And do you need an air pump cause I saw youtube...
  7. DanielFish

    My Guppy Fry

    My Guppy recently gave birth to 10 fries but I think one got eaten. I brought a breeder net and put it in my original tank. I am feeding it Hikari first bites. Can I feed it baby brine shrimp??
  8. DanielFish

    Why is my male guppy laying on its side at the gravel and still breathing.

    Why is my guppy laying on its side and is at the bottom of the tank. I know it is not swim bladder because he is not bloated and does not have a big stomach. Can someone please help.
  9. DanielFish

    My African Dwarf Frog Went Missing!!

    I don't know why but I can't find my poor African dwarf frog anywhere. It was there yesterday.. I am so sad.
  10. DanielFish

    Selling Guppy Fry

    I'm just wondering can I sell guppy or guppy fry to a pet store?
  11. DanielFish

    Why is my African Dwarf Frog not eating??

    Why is my African dwarf frog not eating I gave it everything from small pellets, Flakes. But it is still not eating.
  12. DanielFish

    Why is my Guppy Fry Not Eating

    Hello, My female guppy recently had babies and some were eaten but I have some that are alive. I'm just wondering my guppy fry is not eating anything I tried to give them crushed flakes. But they will not eat it.
  13. DanielFish

    Is this the normal size for a female guppy??

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