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  1. Revan

    Betta with cherry shrimp?

    I'm thinking of setting up a 5-gallon shrimp tank at some point during winter break, and then adding a betta (maybe at the same time, maybe in summer break, maybe sometime in between) Do you think the betta could live with the cherry shrimp without attacking? And do you think I should get a...
  2. Revan

    Is my Java Fern melting/dying?

    So I got this Java Fern sometime in June, and it did decent (bit of algae on leaves, plant was still green and healthy), but now leaves are browning and dying off, and there's a new type of algae that I haven't seen before. I cut down on ferts a while back to reduce algae, but I think I did it a...
  3. Revan

    How long do these guys stay hiding?

    So, I got 8 Celestial Pearl Danios from an online seller. One was DOA, and the other was a cull that didn't make it. So now I think I have 6. I say I think because the little guys spend most of their time hiding behind my wood, Anubias, and java ferns. It's been 2 days since I got them. I...
  4. Revan

    20 Gallon Tank Can I get a Betta for my 20 gallon long?

    So, I currently have 2 tiger endlers, 6 (possibly 5) Celestial Pearl Danios, and 5 (possibly 6) least rasboras. I'm planning on getting rid of the least rasboras, I didn't want them, a fish seller sent me the wrong order. Once I get rid of the least rasboras, can I get a Betta? I just love the...
  5. Revan

    I think I have a ramshorn snail infestation

    This is gonna be bad... So I sat down to finally try to relax in front of my 20 gallon long, and notice a ton small ramshorn snails on my glass, along with another baby Malaysian Trumpet Snail. I'm planning on getting some kuhli loaches, but that's gonna be a long time from now. I'm also going...
  6. Revan

    CPD’s arrived

    Alright, so I got my fish from aquahuna, and the fish look decent. However, 1 looks starved, the other looks pretty hungry, and one is dead… any ideas on what to do? I’m temperature acclimating now, got 3 minutes left before adding them. Attached a picture.
  7. Revan

    8 *LEAST* rasboras (probably chilis) FREE

    Hey everyone! So aquahuna sent me the wrong 8 fish for my tank, and I should be looking forward to a confirmation email about getting my 8 CPD's. Now I have 8 juvenile rasboras of some kind (I think they're young chilis without color yet), and am looking for a new owner for them. I might end...
  8. Revan

    What fish are these?

    So I ordered 8 celestial pearl danios from aquahuna. I got a notification that my fish had arrived today, and was super excited. However, when I got back to check, these are the fish I received: Anyone know what fish these are? And does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?
  9. Revan

    Well this is awkward

    so… uh… I ordered some CPD’s from aquahuna yesterday and they should be arriving today. However, I forgot about quarantine setup, and now I really can’t practically make a quarantine tank/tub. Do fish from aquahuna usually have disease, or am I safe for now? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Revan

    Thinking of learning how to breed nano fish, any articles on fishlore?

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking of maybe setting up another 20 gallon to make a breeder in the summer, is there an article here on Fishlore about breeding? Or does anyone know any other helpful resources? Thanks in advance!
  11. Revan

    Another 20 long stocking idea

    I’ll just be honest: I want a betta. That’s it. I have 2 tiger endlers, and am going to get 8 CPD’s. I was gonna get 10 rummies, but now I’m thinking of getting one betta instead, and maybe even 2 platys. Just to clarify: I’m gonna drop the rummies only if i do this, the COD’s stay. What are...
  12. Revan

    How do I know how much to feed my fish?

    Hi everyone, I currently have 2 tiger endlers and 1 nerve snail. At the moment I'm not feeding my snail, I'm just hoping he eats any algae or leftover food in the tank. I was wondering if there is a way to tell how much to feed the fish and how often. I'm experimenting whether I should feed...
  13. Revan

    Getting freshwater fish online, any experiences?

    Hi everyone, once I get an understanding on how to feed my fish the right quantities of food, I'm planning on ordering 8 CPD's from I've never gotten fish online before, does anyone have any experiences or feedback about ordering online?
  14. Revan

    Endler's fin nipping?

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 20 gallon long How long has the tank been running? 2 months Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 78 degrees Fahrenheit What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 2 Tiger...
  15. Revan

    New aquascape! Any feedback?

    So my friend came over recently and we got cracking at my tank, trying ti change the aquascape a bit. I’ve attached what we came up with. What do you think?
  16. Revan

    API Master Test Kit, Open for Offers

    So Amazon decided to be bad at shipping (or be nice) and doubled my order for some reason, so back when I purchased an API Master Test Kit, it sent me two. So, now I just have one sitting there, not being used. I've been looking for some plants and okho stone to help with my aquascape, and I was...
  17. Revan

    Can I add ammonia to the tank?

    Hi everyone! So I was doing a fishless cycle before, and the tank was going pretty well. It would take a day for the ammonia to drop from 2 ppm ammonia to 0, but the nitrites took 2 days to drop to 0, so I was just letting everything drop to 0 in the span of 2 days, and then dose another 2 ppm...
  18. Revan

    Do CPD's actually look like this?

    I've been thinking of getting some celestial pearl danios, but I'm not entirely sure how they look and how vibrant their colors are. Celestichthys margaritatus – Celestial Pearl ‘Danio’ (Danio margaritatus) — Seriously Fish This is what the internet says it looks like, but when I went to a...
  19. Revan

    20 Gallon Tank Who dis on my rock

    Was gonna add some water to my tank cuz it dops water levels faster than the flash, and i see this dude chilling on my okho stone. Fairly certain he got picked up from a plant or smth from the fish store, just wanted to identify and make sure it wasnt a threat or anything. By the way, when...
  20. Revan

    Is it ok if I keep plants in net cups?

    So in fish stores, all the plants are usually kept in rockwool and net cups to hold them. I was wondering if I could keep them like that for a decent amount of time before finding a place to keep them in place for my tank? I'm not sure how the net cup affects the plant health, so I was wondering...
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