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  1. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Activated carbon does it help keep algae at bay

    As I’m always learning more I have come to find that I am not changing my carbon nearly enough I was under the assumption that u don’t change ur filter media unless absolutely needed as that’s where all the BB is but have come to learn I should b changing my carbon every 2-4 weeks as it can only...
  2. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Aquarium smell how to get rid of it

    What’s the best way to get rid of aquarium smell it’s not a gross fishy smell more like a wet forest I personally like it to me it smells like healthy eco system but have a roommate that’s not digging it is there a way to get rid of that smell right away I hoping without me having to totally...
  3. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Convict breeding behaviour question

    I have a pair of breeding convicts who have been really good together had two batches since they paired up and it’s at the point now where the babies are big enough to b leaving the tank and the parents ready to breed again and my question is the male is chasing the female a lot and it’s to my...
  4. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Need help fast have to euthanize one of my fish

    I need to euthanize one of my fish and the method I have used in the last is clove oil as it just puts them to sleep but I don’t have access to that and I’m trien to find out where I can buy some right now and what I have found is clove leaf oil is that they same I don’t want to use something...
  5. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Yo-yos in African cichlids tank

    So I have been recommended on here to have yo yo loaches as a good clean up crew in my African cichlids tank witch I’m actually really stoked about because they are really cool to look at and to my understanding they are very interesting to watch especially if there like clown loaches. anyway my...
  6. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Looking to sell or trade some mbuna cichlids

    Hi I’m interested I selling or trading some of my mbunas all a little over a year old I have had them for a year raised really well great colours I have 3 red zebra that I want to get rid of because I have 4 and want my tank to have single individuals that look different so I tell who is who and...
  7. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Can I sell my fish I’m not a breeder

    Does anyone know about selling fish ? I have an African cichlids tank where most of the fish are getting mature or pretty close so naturally I’m having some aggression problems and I’ve surrendered two peacock already that we’re getting eat on pretty bad and I thought it was cause they all...
  8. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Coloured glass rocks are they ok

    So I just bought some coloured glass rocks for in my planted tank and googled if they were safe in my aquarium the info I got said yes but Google has been wrong before so I’m hoping someone else has tried this and maybe can give me the thumbs up or down before I use them any opinions are...
  9. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Breeding African cichlids

    Does anyone have any knowledge on breeding African cichlids in big storage totes I seen people do in small ones with the guppies I’m wondering if the big ones will work with African cichlids ? As always all opinions are welcome and appreciated thanks
  10. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Colouring of JD and fire mouth question

    I have a JD and for mouth in with an Oscar the JD is about 3 inches and the fire mouth about 2.5 inches in with an Oscar about 4 inches and is the boss of the tank but they are all getting along as well as they can my question is at what size should I b expecting colour on the two smaller fish...
  11. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Quarantine feeder fish for Oscar and Jack dempsey yes or not necessary

    I’m planning starting to feed my Oscar and Jack dempsey feeder fish I have convict cichlids that are giving me ample supply of feeder fish but they aren’t big yet so I’m thinking about getting some feeders from lfs but after doing some research I find that they might b full of parasites so I’m...
  12. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Something wrong with my ex Gf gourami

    There is something wrong with my ex HD gourami I’m not sure what but I’m certain it’s because of very poor water quality please don’t ask the parameters idk what they are but I’m sure the nitrates are through the roof it is cycles I did when we were together here is a pic if someone could I’d...
  13. Fishjunkiejimmy

    African cichlids clean up crew

    Hi I need some help choosing a janitor for my African cichlid tank they are getting upgraded to a 110 gallon and all o have in there is one cuckoo catfish and I need more help on the tank than that he isn’t much of a janitor lol if he didn’t look so neat he would get fired lol I have read mixed...
  14. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Convicts breeding in predator community tank

    My two convict cichlids are building three nest to breed witch I’m stoked about but I know I gotta get the babies out of there ASAP cause I also have an Oscar, jack dempsey ,and a fire mouth in there and I’m certain not very many babies will make it so do I need to just get the bandied out of...
  15. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Moving African cichlids to bigger tank in a different house hour drive away

    So I need to move my African cichlids from where they are as person where they are is moving so while I’m moving them I’m upgrading them to a 110 gallon from a 72 needs to b done they got bigger and are now getting really aggressive towards each other one killed already anyway what I need to...
  16. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Tree branches in aquarium

    I have found maple branches I want to put in my first planted tank and I know the whole boiling process it am wondering if I have to take the bark and bit if moss off or can I leave it on I like the way they look as they are and am trying to replicate bonsai trees any options are welcome thanks
  17. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Moving fish to a new planted tank

    So I’m doing my first planted tank and making a pretty big upgrade from 30 gallon to 75 to do it and want to know if it’s ok to move all the fish over from the old tank right away I’ll b using the old HOB filter and adding an API canister filter and using couple of the decorations so that I got...
  18. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Blood parrot eggs

    I need to know if removing blood parrot cichlid eggs will stress the fish out I have two and they started fighting for what we thought was over a clay pot as they have done that before but separated them by puting a net in the water it didn’t work this time so removed the pot and noticed the...
  19. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Melafix good or bad for fin rot

    I have just quarantined my front he has fin rot pretty bad my ex was not taking good care of the tank and I used API melafix is this a good product or should I b using something else all opinions are welcome please and thanks really want to save him as I noticed two other of my fish were missing...
  20. Fishjunkiejimmy

    Sick frontosa, fin rot & bottom sitting need advice fast

    My frontosa is not doing well it’s with my ex and I will b getting tank back but for now it’s in her care and it hasn’t been takes care of as good as it should b to say the least all the fish are doing good except frontosa is starting to get fin rot and staying at the bottom of the tank my...
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