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  1. TheFishFella

    How often should I clean my Canister filter?

    Heyo! I have a 53 gallon tank with 2 comet goldfish (one is about 4 inches and the other is 2) and one pearlscale (bout 1-2 inches). I have the aqueoun 200 gph canister filter for the tank. At the moment I do about a 50% water change once a week and I clean the filter once a month. Last time I...
  2. TheFishFella

    Massive tear on pearlscale goldfish’s fin

    Heyo! So I recently got a pearlscale goldfish and when I first got him he had ich. I started treating for ich (with ich X) when I noticed his back fin was tearing up a bit. I decided to treat him with both ich x and maracyn Oxy just in case it was actually fin rot and not tear. But today I...
  3. TheFishFella

    Who has the fastest growing comet/common goldfish?

    I’m curious! To everyone to might have a comet/common goldfish (or any really) how fast did it grow? Mine grew nearly 5 inches in 5 months (and still growing)!! Anyone’s fish grow faster than that?
  4. TheFishFella

    Pearl scale with dropsy? Or just normal pearlscale?

    Hey there! So recently I had just gotten a pealscale goldfish, and I’m quarantining him in a 10 gallon at the moment. As expected he did get some ich, so he’s being treated for that right now. I did notice that his scales look slightly raised, but that could just be the pearl scale look. I was...
  5. TheFishFella

    Will my goldfish eat his gravel?

    Heyo! So I have about a 5in. Goldfish that I just introduced to his new tank. I’m using a fine gravel (not as fine as sand but y’know pretty small). I was wondering if he’s gonna eat it?? I know goldfish eat pretty much anything, but he seems to just be sifting through it all.
  6. TheFishFella

    Fishless cycle over a month

    Heyo! I’ve been cycling my 53 gallon tank for about 37 days now, and I don’t believe it’s fully cycled quite yet. At the moment it can cycle 1 ppm ammonia to nitrates in 2 days. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong? Anyone have any tips to move it along faster? I’ll attach a photo of my...
  7. TheFishFella

    Aquasky 900mm lightning settings for 53 G?

    Heyo! I got this aqua sky a while back for my fish tank to help grow some easy plants, but now I’m getting some algae growth on the glass as well as bits of hair algae on my driftwood. I’m not the greatest at lightning for plants, so I kinda just found settings online and copied them. Any tips...
  8. TheFishFella

    White fuzz on plant roots

    Heyo! I was wondering if anyone might know what this white fuzz is on my water sprite?? At the moment I believe it’s only on the roots. I don’t think it’s hair algae, but I guess I could be wrong. Should it be something to worry about? Should it be removed?
  9. TheFishFella

    Tank almost done cycling?

    Heyo!! I have a 50 gallon tank that I’ve been cycling for the past nearly 20 days and I’m wondering if it’s almost done? I’ve been using dr Tim’s as well as stability. I’ll attach a chart of my ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels. (Note: I did a 50% water change on day 17) Should I do a large...
  10. TheFishFella

    50 G Aquarium Cycle Help!!

    Hey there!! I’m currently setting up a 53 G tank and I’ve been trying to cycle it for the past 8 days. I put 10 ml of Dr Tims ammonia in the tank 8 days ago, and haven’t seen any change yet. I’ve also been using the recommended dosage for Stability as well every day. I still have yet to see any...
  11. TheFishFella

    Goldfish Growth Rate?

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know how fast common goldfish grow on average? I have a 4 month old goldfish that is about 4 inches already!! He’s being housed in a 10 gallon temporarily (until his 53 gallon is cycled). I do a 50% water change twice a week, the tank has a filter and an airstone as...
  12. TheFishFella

    Gold barb with bloat?

    Hey there! I was wondering if anyone knew what my gold barb may have (left one in photo)? At first I thought the fish might be pregnant, but I’m pretty sure he is male. Could he just be eating to much, or should I treat him for something? He’s housed in a 10 gallon with 2 other barbs, 2 goldfish...
  13. TheFishFella

    2 common goldfish in a 53 Gallon Tank?

    Hey there! So currently I have a 4 month old common goldfish (4 in) in a 10 gallon who will be going into a 53 gallon soon. The tank is 18x36in width and length. I’m going to college soon, so this will be his tank until most likely after college. After college I’ll try to upgrade the tank to a...
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