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  1. sgjackson

    Place to buy female variatus platies online?

    Hey all - I've got one male variatus platy, who survived a Petco fish die-off I posted about earlier. After that experience I set up a quarantine tank and started buying fish online, with much better success. I'd like to get some female variatus platies to go with him, but I'm not seeing...
  2. sgjackson

    New angel died today and new platies acting lethargic/long poops/issues swimming.

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 65g How long has the tank been running? I cycled for five weeks, and fish have been in the tank since Saturday. Does it have a filter? Aquaclear 110 with pre-filter sponge. Does it have a heater? 2 Hydor 200w - the heaters are very aggressive and I am...
  3. sgjackson

    Tank stopped eating ammonia twice during cycle - Ph dropped from 8 (tap) to 6 (tank)

    Are you doing a fish in cycle, fishless cycle or was your tank cycled and you had a sudden ammonia or nitrite spike?: Fishless cycle Tank What is the water volume of the tank?: 65g What type of water are you using in your tank? (tap, well, RO/DI, other): Tap When did you start cycling the...
  4. sgjackson

    65 Gallon Tank Beginner cycling first tank, want to do rainbowfish. Stocking check/ideas?

    Fell into a Youtube hole about a month ago and ended up going to the LFS to get my first aquarium. Had the space and money for a 65 gallon (36x18 inch footprint, 24 height) and I'm cycling that now. Close to being finished - it chews through ammonia and nitrites now and spits out nitrates, just...
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