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  1. Qzar61

    Fin Rot more than likely?

    Interesting you asked. My tank was set up around Memorial Day Originally there were 2 green barbs, one didn't make it, but for over three months the barb chased. Finally I rehomed the barb and that's when I got the betta. The tetras reacted strangely to the sudden peace in the tank. Even...
  2. Qzar61

    Fin Rot more than likely?

    3 black skirt tetras 3 albino Buenos Aires tetras 2 dwarf corys and a week ago 4 tiny pygmy salt and pepper corys and of course my female betta. The plan was to rehome the albinos and add 3 more black skirts to keep them happier Good feed back folks. Getting a back up filter and heater is a...
  3. Qzar61

    Fin Rot more than likely?

    I just notice this about 2 days ago and it seems to be getting worse. It seems to me it has to be fin rot. My water is great and she is the diva of the tank and always happy. I did a 40 percent water change today which is big for my 20 long. Now she is acting a little goofy darting around...
  4. Qzar61

    20 gallon community stocking with male betta ?

    One male or one female betta is fine. A group of loaches will take up room, like they said, they can get to 4 inches which is bug for a 20. Ask around and here about mixing pygmy and dwarf cories, the dwarfs might stress them out a bit.
  5. Qzar61

    Tweeking my 20 gallon long stocking.

    Ty, also I didn't realized my eariler question about BN looked alot like this one. Sorry if it sounded redundant
  6. Qzar61

    Will cories be okay in my gravel

    Idk maybe they are not those, like I said, neither are close to 2 inches and I have had them for over 3 months.
  7. Qzar61

    Will cories be okay in my gravel

    Yeah they are more like a once a week thing and my tank is too close to a window to do it often. I give them freezed dried bloodworms like every other day. They skim the top for flakes both regular and betta which I believe is more designed for carnivores. Anyway, would you suggest a change...
  8. Qzar61

    Favorite nano fish?

    I have a thing for female Betta. Underrated personalities, flirty and just as pretty as the males. I'd like to try a sorority one day.
  9. Qzar61

    Name ideas for this beauty??

    I was thinking Peacock cause he shows himself like one
  10. Qzar61

    Pygmy or Dwarf cories?

    I've had green dwarf 2, in my 20 long for about 3 months and one is 1.5 inches and the bigger and plumper (female?) is 1.75 or so. I added them when there were Buenos Aires tetras and they were picked on for the first week. I got lucky and everything has been good. I'm adding 3 more for...
  11. Qzar61

    Will cories be okay in my gravel

    Whew! I've have 2 dwarf corys in gravel for 3 months and np. In fact I'll put a third of a algae wafer and if a BA tetra gets it caught in between a stone the corys have at it. Quite amusing. Anyway I want to add 3 more to increase the socializing.
  12. Qzar61

    5 Gallon Tank Hello, new fish keeper here!

    You betta and shrimp look like they will enjoy it there
  13. Qzar61

    Hello all, already loving it here.

    I set up a 20 gallon long about 3 months ago. It's been been about a dozen years since my last tank. I live in a small apartment so it's perfect right now. What surprised me is how many things I haven't remembered and I've made a couple of new mistakes. How did folks keep fish before the...
  14. Qzar61

    New 20 gallon and I’m excited:)

    Plz don't be embarrassed about fail unless you put a Oscar in a 5 gallon tank lol. I re entered fishkeeping after over 10 years and I'm finding new mistakes to make. . When I stocked my 20 gallon I went for variety instead of proper schooling size and now I have to rehome sone tetras Buenos...
  15. Qzar61

    Snails! Small Aquarium, Help Please!

    3 or 4 Mystery snails would be good, they aren't really evasive and big enough to watch them in action. Live plants are a good idea also.
  16. Qzar61

    Bad stocking for 20 gallon?

    5 and 5 sound good and the betta is a nice centerpiece. If everyone is happy, a couple of snails (non evasive) might work.
  17. Qzar61

    Tweeking my 20 gallon long stocking.

    Getting some good info here. . I've sealed off the curtain so now it gets indirect light. Average the light is on about 10 hours a day. I turn the light off when I go to work, but, especially the BA albinos, they freak when I get home. I think this confirms the earlier post that said they...
  18. Qzar61

    Tweeking my 20 gallon long stocking.

    Good point about the tetras. Neither have recommended group size. I was thinking I couldn't add cause of the age difference and they might get bullied. They have places to hide and explore but need one more piece. I do at least 15% water change once a week. Every other week I double it...
  19. Qzar61

    Tweeking my 20 gallon long stocking.

    My 20 gallon has 3 albino Buenos Aires tetras 3 Black skirt tetras 2 small corys and about 3 weeks ago a female Betta who is the diva. The tank has been up 3 months so the tetras are grown same with the corys. I'm getting a very wide account of how big bristlenose get, 3 inches is fine but 6...
  20. Qzar61

    10 Gallon Tank Can I put those in a 10g

    Just don't put 2 males together, they can be territorial especially in a 10 gallon.
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