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    Blood Parrot with gill curl

    Hi all I have a big blood parrot in my 75g tank and it has had gill curl since it was very small. It is so bad that you can see the red worm like stuff sticking out. I never thought it was a problem, I just thought he was born this way. He has always been happy and healthy. But the problem is...
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    Denison barbs always hiding

    Hi all I have a 75 gallon tank with a blood parrot. I bought 6 denison barbs a while back and they did great. After about a week they started to become a bit shy and always hid under one of the rocks in my tank. I then went to my lfs to buy 4 more because I thought they might be less shy if they...
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    Rescue Blood Parrot help please

    Hi all Today I saw a very sick blood parrot at my lfs. It's in a tank with peacock bass and a midas cichlid that chases the blood parrot constantly. I am going to pick the blood parrot up tomorrow and try to save it in a quarantine tank and then if it gets back to full health I will put it into...
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    Corydoras hybrid?!

    HI everyone! So the other day I saw some baby fish in my community tank and found out it was baby corydoras. There are still a bunch of babies that just chill in my moss carpet and then there are a few juveniles. And today I saw that it looks like a mix between a leopard and a panda cory! Is...
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    Betta And Pea Puffer?

    HI everyone! So I was thinking of setting up a 15 us gallon divided tank with a pea puffer and a betta. I want to make my one diy divider out of plastic canvas and report covers. Do you guys think this will work or maybe not? Will the puffer maybe chew threw the divider? Thanks in advance Joshua
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    Can I Turn My Filter Off During The Night?

    HI everyone! So I have a 60 gallon aquarium with an Aquaclear 110 and an Aquacler 50 for filtration. The tank is in my room and I have found that the Aquaclear 110 is pretty noisy. So I was wondering if I could put the Aquaclear 110 off and keep the Aquaclear 50 on during the night. Please let...
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    HI everyone! I’m thinking of setting up a new 90 gallon tank with the following stocking: 1 Oscar 1 Bloodparrot 1 Featherfin catfish 6 Silver dollars Will this be overstocking? I’m thinking of using 2 Aquaclear 110’s for filtration. Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance! Joshua
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    Sump Or Canister Filter

    HI everyone! So I’m going to be setting up a 120 gallon tank. But I don’t know if I should use a sump or a canister filter. The things I consider are: • The maintenance • The price • Which is the most efficient • Which one is more quiet Please let me know which one you think I should use...
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    120 Gallon Tank Stocking

    HI everyone! So I have a 55 gallon grow out tank with: 1 Bloodparrot and 6 Silver dollars I’m going to upgrade to a 120 gallon tank. I want to add some more fish to the tanks as well. The fish I’m thinking about are: 1 Blood parrot 6 Silver dollars 1 Oscar 1 Bichir 1 Featherfin catfish The...
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    Oscar With Peacock Cichlids

    HI all! So I’ve been thinking about setting up a 200 gallon tank lately. In the tank I’m going to have an oscar and a green terror. I was wondering if I could maybe add 5-10 male peacock cichlids and maybe a senegal bichir? Thanks in advance!
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    Tiger Barb Sick

    HI everyone. One of my tiger barbs is losing weight badly but he is still eating. He floats in the corner of the tank but it is not dead. The other tiger barbs are starting to pick on him. Here is a photo of it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks He is in a school of 15
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    200 Gallon Aquarium Stocking Advise

    Hello everyone! I will be upgrading to a 200 gallon tank soon. The fish I currently have: 1 bloodparrot 1 electric blue acara 6 silverdollars I want to ad some more fish as well. The fish I like: Oscars Silver Arowana Black ghost knife fish Bichir Can you guys pls recommend a good combo...
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    Discus With Oscar??

    So I saw a guy keep discus with oscars and a silver arowana, is there any chance this is possible? If so what would be a good tank size? Thanks in advance
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    Angelfish Dying?!

    So my angelfish is staying at the bottom of the tank and is looking really sad. It has something on its body that concerns me. I will attach a pic so you can see it. Any help will really be appreciated.
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    Medium Sized Catfish?

    Is there any catfish that only reaches 6-9 inches that is stocky like the red tail catfish? Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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    Angelfish With Disease???

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    75 Gallon Tank Best Predator Fish???

    I’m planning on setting up a 75 gallon aquarium and really would like to get some predator fish but I don’t know which fish to choose. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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