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    Manatee grass

    What are the light requirements
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    Snails and crabs don’t last

    My snails and hermits don’t last long. Keep dying off.
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    What is it. And how do I get rid of it I am assuming bacteria
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    Ordering corals online

    Need recommendations for place to order corals online
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    Lights are confusing

    I bought 2 Jayhill 48” led lights. 20$. Will they grow anything This is them
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    Cardinal fish

    I really like these fish. And there cheap. Added bonus. I have. 75 gallon tank. How many should I try to keep. I’d like 4. I have dwarf angel fish. 2 clown. 1 blenny. 3 chromis. Lots of rock snails crabs. Curious how many is too much for me
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    Arrow crab

    Need thoughts on this strange creature. I did not research it very well. I purchased 2 small spider crabs. First day. 1 ate the other. But. Realistically how safe are my fish now. The body. Is less than dime size Here he is
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    What is it

    Is blurry sorry. Growing out of rock center of picture
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    Is This Corraline?

    Just curious it it’s corraline
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    Mandarin Goby

    What is the care level of this fish and can I have 2 together
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    Protein Skimmer works better after water change?

    Is it normal for skimmer to skim. Much more after water change
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    Smaller Tang

    what would b a smaller tang variety for 72 gallon tank. If any
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    Tank Is 4 Months Old. Having Second Diatom Outbreak

    is this typical. Other algae is growing also
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    Real Ocean Sand For Aquarium

    can I put. Sand from the gulf in my aquarium. From deep out
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    Stocking 72 Bowfront

    72 g bowfront. 50lbs live rock. What is a good stopping point on stocking fish. 2 clownfish 4 blue green cromis. 1 lawnmower blenny. Have eyes set on 1 more. Is this too much
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    Protein Skimmers Mod

    Is it ok to drill cup on protein skimmers. To place a line and drain into larger container
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    Emerald Crabs

    crab died after a week. Read a few others had this issue
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    Identify The Algae

    is this coralline algae on my snails
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    New Tank Has Cycled. Algae Starting

    Should I just let it grow. Sorry photo upside down
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    Help With Lights On Fowlr

    ok. 72 gallon bowfront. Live rock fish only. I have read articles on both sides. Lighting for visual effects only. To proper lightning for. Algae growth. Are my full spectrum led lights ok for this set up. They have blue night mode. And could I just run that. I like the look of that
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