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    Pregnant female platy question please read

    I have 2 tuxedo platy, Georgie and Ember who gave me a few fry maybe 3/5 each 5 days ago but they are still huge like they are not done and mean huge. (refer to pics) My question is it normal for platy to hold fry after starting to have fry? Both were moved from community tank to their own...
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    I have 11, 8 week old fry platy

    My Georgie (sunburst platy) gave me 11 beautiful fry that are now 8 weeks old. My question is when is safe to transfer them to community tanks. My plan is to keep male and female separate due to I have 4 more batches of fry in last 2 weeks with 4 more still pregnant and with this virus thing...
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    125 gallon set up idea

    I have 125 gallon tank 6' long I'd like to set up has fresh water tank. I'm looking for some idea on what would be a good heater and filter for it. I plan on putting a pleco, some golden loaches and also need ideas on other tank mates. My 30 gallon has livebearers (i.e. swordtails, platy,) my 20...
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    What kind of pleco do I have?

    I was looking fo an algae eater, a small pleco for my 30 gallon live-bearer tank mollies, platies, swordtail, and panda corydora. However I fear now I was sold a pleco that will get much bigger then my tank. I do have another bigger tank of 70 gallons that's gunna be set up any day now, I know...
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