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    Where to buy 30G tank in Ontario Canada?

    My 29 G tank started leaking yesterday so I had to cram all my fish into a 10G. Where can I buy a new tank? This one is from petsmart but will not buy again because its only been a year. How long can the fish be in the 10G, couple days? I wonder if I should emergency buy a 20G or whatever I can...
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    Otto died after being in tank a month?

    Parameters: 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 10ppm nitrate I got three ottos a month ago. Seem to be acting normal and eating like normal. Parameters have been stable throughout the month and now I found one of the ottos dead. The body looked normal, no sign of disease just not moving or breathing. There is...
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    Are ottos beginner fish?

    Hi, so I just went to the store and got 3 otto fish. I have a lot of green algae in my tank and the woman said these would be the perfect fish. She said they were beginner fish but now I am reading online that they can be very sensitive. Are these a beginner fish in your opinion?
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    Amano shrimp jump into filter

    First time shrimp keeper. I have had four amano shrimp for 2 weeks and never see them. Today I found 3 in the filter. i put them all back in the tank. My filter is a hang on the back filter. I thought they were getting sucked up but I just witness a shrimp climb up on my big rock and leap like...
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    Is my snail dead?

    My snail is laying on its back which he never does. He has been coming out of his shell less and less because I think he is old. I have attached a picture of the snail. I smelled the water and it seems normal but I also added nitrazorb to the filter recently so it might absorb it all.
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    Danio has white dot

    Parameters: 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 20ppm nitrate Temp: 75 Zebra danio has white dot on mouth. The fish is behaving normally. I have been treating with melafix for 5 days and also used pimafix the last two days. The dot seems to be getting bigger though and has not improved. I dont think there is...
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    Will shrimp get along with zebra danio and cory catfish?

    Hello. Someone at the petstore told me I could not buy shrimp because they would not get along with my other fish. I have false juili corys and zebra danios and a couple snails. I am looking to buy amano or cherry shrimp. I did my research before and thought they were compatible. Does anyone...
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    What type of algae is this?

    I am looking for something that will eat this algae but I am not sure what this algae is called. Blue-green?
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    Is this a bladder snail?

    Please ignore my algae issue. This snail came in on a plant. I find it kind of cute but I am not sure if I will have a crazy pest problem.
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    Fish bullying when eating

    Hello all. I am having an issue with my danios bullying my cory catfish during feeding time. During all other times they basically just school with their own kinds and leave each other alone. I feed flakes for the danios and sinking tablets for the corys. The first minute is okay because the...
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    Should I move the eggs to breeding container??

    Yesterday my false julii catfish surprisely laid eggs. I moved the eggs i could get (about 20) to a little tupperware container that I taped the the top of the tank. I put a little aerstone in there and do a partial water change every few hours with the tank water. Today I bought a new 3-way...
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    Found little brown bugs in tank

    Found little brown bugs with lots of legs underneath the gravel. I saw three and I am assuming there is more. How to get rid of them? Will they hurt my fish? Here is the best photo I could get
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    How to slowly add zebra danios?

    I am wondering how to slowly add zebra danios so I don't have a spike. Last time I added three fish, I had an ammonia spike that sadly killed one of my old fish. I want to add two at once but I am scared that they will bully my corys because there is not enough of them. Advice? Thanks in advance
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    Mystery Snail eating Amazon Sword?

    Just got my first real plant yesterday and today my snail has already chewed three leafs off. Any advice to get the mystery snail to stop? The amazon plant was perfectly green and healthy when I got it and I thought mystery snails only eat dead things?
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    Changing too much water?

    Hi, It seems like the general guideline of water changes is 25% every two weeks. I change 50% every week or week and a half. I have a 29 Gallon tank with false julli cory cats (4 adults, 1 kid), 2 nerite snails, and 1 big mystery snail. This seems like a pretty low bioload imo and I am planning...
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    Platy not moving at the bottom of the tank

    I got this fish 3 days ago. 29 Gallon tank. Parameters 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 10 ppm nitrate. Corys and snails in the same tank seem good. Fish is still breathing and ate today. She does not look pregnant. Last few days some changes: yesterday I switched to a new filter and put the filter media...
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    Fin rot?

    Sorry for the terrible photo, my fish kept moving. I bought a new platy yesterday and when i turned on the light today in the tank I noticed a white rim around her tail. Is this fin rot? I have melafix and pimafix if it would help. I don't want to give her back because I am already attached. My...
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    Population control?

    Hello. On impulse, I bought a sunburst platy today. I am pretty sure it is a female. It is about an inch long. In my tank I have snails and 4 false julii corys. I don't think snails or corys will eat the babies. I am not sure if she is pregnant now but I am noticing that she is not interacting...
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    Is seachem flourish enough?

    I recently bought seachem flourish for my moss balls. I am looking at getting another plant (a beginner like amazon sword depending on the selection at my lfs). I am pretty confused about all the lighting, c02, and everything. I am not planning on getting a co2 system. My light stays on for 8...
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    Green and brown algae outbreak

    I have a 29 G tank with 5 false julii corys. I usually feed them 10 bottom feeder pellets per day (2 each). I noticed on one of the plastic plants yesterday that the leaves were a bit brown tinted and thought I would clean it in a few days. Overnight, it seems, green and brown algae have taken...
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