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    Replacing Filter?

    I’m new to keeping an aquarium. I have been running a 5-gallon tank for almost a month. I’m using the Top Fin Silenstream Power Filter that I DIY. Inside the filter I have AquaClear Foam Filter, Poly-fill, and Fluval Bio Max. I just want to make sure. Which one of those am I suppose to replace...
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    Do I need API GH & KH Freshwater Test Kit?

    I have a five gallon tank that's been running for almost a month. Right now I have one Nerite snail and an Anubias plant but soon I'll be adding two more plants and a dwarf shrimp. I have the API Freshwater Master Test Kit..Do I also need to purchase the API GH & KH Test Kit? API® GH & KH...
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    Picky Nerite Snail?

    I have 1 Black Racer Nerite Snail on my five gallon tank. Right now he's just eating bio film. I tried to feed him algae wafers, blanched vegetables, and some sinking pellets for snails but he's just ignoring it all. I've seen reviews and pictures of people's nerite snail eating all kinds of...
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