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  1. EnderKing

    Snails gasping for air at surface

    my mystery snails are gasping for air at the surface and the snails (not the shells) look very pale they are eating alright though. What do I do?
  2. EnderKing

    What are these and are they dangerous

    Someone help please I’ve got this tadpole thing and these worms
  3. EnderKing

    Mystery snail laying weird strands

    What is this stuff is it poop I know it’s not eggs
  4. EnderKing

    Parasites? Worms? Are these ok?

    Are these bad for my tank?
  5. EnderKing

    Is this a good tank? Are the livestock gonna be ok?

    3 mystery snails 2 female guppy 10 gallon 3 water changes a week
  6. EnderKing

    Mystery snail baby or parasite

    I found this on my mystery snail is it a baby or a parasite?
  7. EnderKing

    Is this normal for snail

    Mystery snail ok? above water
  8. EnderKing

    Are my guppy’s healthy they have a weird pink spot under their bellies

    My othe fish died of parasites IDK what to do Is this one ok? I know it doesn’t show too well on the photo but They do have a pink streak on their bellies Here are a few mor pics
  9. EnderKing

    Someone HELP! Guppy’s dying

    Dude she was fine last night and this morning I found this
  10. EnderKing

    Funny Dude my mom actually thought this was ok

    I can’t stop laughing LOL
  11. EnderKing

    Is it ok to put 7 guppies in a 5 gallon

    I know it seems cruel but the reason I’m thinking about it is because I chang and gravel vac everyday so Ammonia and nitrate wouldn’t get too high
  12. EnderKing

    Should these fish be kept together

    Platys guppy bristle nose pleco corydora tetra Ikd what water hardness or ph mean and I was wondering if these fish should be kept together and how to change ph and hardness
  13. EnderKing

    I think there is something wrong with my fishes gills

    The midsection of all my guppies are turning green and they’re sitting at the bottom of the tank
  14. EnderKing

    Why are my shrimp dying HELP!

    Yesterday my shrimp was fine and this morning I found his shell and it looked like something sucked the life out of him. Help
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