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  1. Sokamix

    Stocking for new “instant cycled tank”

    Hello! I’m staring a 40gallon tank for 2 fancy goldfish. Im going to put a sponge filter and a heater and a couple rocks from my already established tank to “instant cycle” it. But the BB needs an ammonia source and I need a light bio load. Will the BB handle one goldfish? Or can I just put some...
  2. Sokamix

    Blasting diamond coal sand??

    Hey guys, I’m getting a 40gallon tank and I really want black sand but the pet store ones are like 40-60 dollars. Does anyone have good experience with blasting diamond coal sand substrate? I’m thinking of putting a fantailed goldfish and variatus platies in there. Will that substrate be good...
  3. Sokamix

    Is this some sort of algae?

    I found these brown spots on all my plants. It can be wiped off. What is it??
  4. Sokamix

    2 heaters in one 40gal tank?

    Help! Thinking of getting a 40 gallon tank and I have 2 50 watt heaters I can put in there. Would that work? I heard 40 gal needs 100 watts so will it work? Thanks !
  5. Sokamix

    The cleanest, best petco I’ve ever been to!!

    Hello guys so I live in California and a lot of the petcos/ petshops are really bad. For example every time I go to the petco where I live there is algae, multiple dead fish, and just horrible conditions. I traveled 3 hours for a conference to Aburn, California. I had to pick something up at...
  6. Sokamix

    Aquarium neutralizer for ammonia

    Hey guys I have a 10 gallon betta/snail tank and it has .25 ammonia that is stressing my betta out. Does anyone have experience with seachem water stabilizer (pic below) will it help? I don’t know why I have this spike but all of my other parameters are fine.(listed below) Ammonia:0.25...
  7. Sokamix

    Betta isn’t making bubble nest

    Hello guys I got a male betta almost 3 months ago and he has never made a bubble nest. I don’t know if this is normal or not?
  8. Sokamix

    Before and after betta tank.

    So this is my 10 gallon tank for my betta and 2 snails. I’m showing the before and after tank (yes that’s the same tank) and before and after I first got my betta. This is 2 months progress. It’s stilstull in progress, so will update! But it looks more natural and is just way better! All thanks...
  9. Sokamix

    Just wanted to show this size comparison

    I bought 2 nerite snails a couple days ago. Look at the size difference! The small one likes going on the bigger ones back. How cool!
  10. Sokamix

    Is this brown algae in my tank?

    Is this brown algae on my sand? Just trying to catch it early if it is. Thanks
  11. Sokamix

    10 gallon tank stand reccomendations

    Hello! So I have a 10 gallon tank with a betta and a snail and the stand their on right now is pretty unstable and it stresses out my betta when I clean it cause it shakes so much. My mistake! Can someone recommend specific stands for a 10 gallon so I don’t make this same mistake again when I...
  12. Sokamix

    What type of plant is this?

    This plant looks like a short version of a sword plant. Really long roots and big leaves. What type is it?
  13. Sokamix

    How much should I clean my nerite snail poo?

    Hello! I just bought a nerite snail about a week ago for my 10 gallon betta tank. This snail is pooping non- stop! How often should I clean it? I usually do 2 1/4 water changes a week but I feel like that’s not enough for how much poop he’s producing. What do you think?
  14. Sokamix

    Is this nerite snail poop?

    I only have one nerite snail and I’m pretty sure this is its poop. Is it normal for it to poop that much in a couple days?
  15. Sokamix

    Can’t find my new snail

    Hello I just bought a nerite snail for my 10 gallon betta tank. I have sand so I was thinking he could have burrowed in the sand, but I can’t find him. I looked outside of the tank, not there and he can’t get in my filter cause I have a sponge filter. Help!
  16. Sokamix

    Snail with my betta?

    Hello guys! So I have a betta in a 10 gallon tank and wanted to add some snails to help with the algae that is currently growing in it. I was thinking of getting a couple nerite snails. What do I use to give the snails calcium? Don’t really know what product to buy for that. And can I feed them...
  17. Sokamix

    Why is my Betta stressed?!

    Hello, my betta has been glass surfing, swimming frantically, and biting his own tail. My water parameters are good, and no other tank-mates. What causes this? I’m going to use some API stress coat to calm him down for now. I bought some Indian almond leaves, turned the filter flow down, and...
  18. Sokamix

    Help! Betta fin rot??!!

    Just woke up to my bettas fins like this! He was completely fine yesterday, what’s wrong?! He is still active and eating. Help!
  19. Sokamix

    Blue stuff on my sand?

    There is this blue stuff on my sand in my aquarium. What is it? Pic below
  20. Sokamix

    Betta fish suddenly scared of me?

    So I got a betta fish about a month ago and I trained him to follow my finger through tunnels ect. And he loved it!! But now I just took some frogs out of the tank he was is in and now he is flaring at my finger and is scared of it. Why?
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