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    Waterlife fin rot myxazin

    Hi! I'm doing a water change tonight, and adding Waterlife Fin Rot & ulcers Myxazin for one of my male bettas. Do i need to do a water change for each treatment (5 day treatment) and do i add the medicine to the bucket of water used to add the clean water? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    Adding almond leaves to tank

    Hi, I have a question about almond leaves that i ordered as an emergency measure for fin deterioration. How many leaves should I add to a 6 gallon tank?
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    Seachem prime added to water

    Hi, I was wondering if i need to add Seachem prime to water taken out (water change) or for the whole of the tank? It is a 22 L tank. There is still presence of nitrate and nitrate in the water after adding it to the water yesterday.
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    Will music affect bettas?

    Hi, I play music in my room with a speaker. The fish are in the next room but will this stress them?
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    Transportation of betta fish

    Hi, We are having some new windows installed in the room my bettas are in. I would like to transport them to another room temporarily and was thinking of putting them in a cup with holes. Is this the best way of doing it and how do I keep the water around 80 F? It will take around 4 hours to...
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    Fin rot? Will fins heal?

    Hi, I am currently doing the fish-in cycle and my betta seems to have perked up. From what has been suggested, medications can do more harm than good in this instance. My betta has slight fraying at the edges, and what appears to be a perforation on the top fin. Will this heal on its own?
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    Murky water and slime

    Hi, I am doing a fish-in cycle and have added a dechlorinator with each water change. One of my betta fish has murky water and I was wondering how best to deal with this? Also, there is slime in the filter where the spout is- I cleaned this a bit. Do you clean off the slime on objects or leave...
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    Tap Safe (love fish) and API Quick Start safe to use together?

    Hi, I have a question about the heater, how do you know if it's reached the right temperature, as it keeps going on and off and the water doesn't seem particularly warm? Also, with the 50% water change (for high nitrite) every two days, i have added tap safe (love fish) today, but in two days...
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    20 Gallon Tank Heater for betta fish (one in each tank)

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with my heater for my betta fish. The heater light is on and off at various points in the day, but the water doesn't feel particularly warm. I am wondering why the light is not on at the time the water is added to the tank and is on sometimes therafter?
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