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    Koi Fish with Protruding Eye

    My fish's left eye has been problematic for 1-2 years. But at the very beginning and for most of the time, the eye was just cloudy and nothing else. One day, I used Waterlife Myxazin to treat the fish and his eye healed successfully. It turned clear. However, since 2 months ago, not just the...
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    When moving fishes to a new tank, can I simply re-use all water of the old tank?

    I am raising some koi fishes (freshwater ones) and I will have a new tank very soon. So, I am going to move the fishes from the old tank to the new tank. The sizes of the tanks are similar. So, I know the first thing to do is to fill up the new tank with new, salty water and leave the water...
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    What species is my fish? And it has not eaten anything for a month!

    I had kept this small fish with a no. of bigger koi fish in a big tank for 10 years and it ate pellets. Just a month ago I discovered it got some wounds and cloudy eyes and since then it has not been eating. Also, the small fish was used to be bullied by the bigger koi fishes (their big mouths...
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