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    Identification help: corydoras aenus or splendens?

    I picked up a few corydoras that were labeled as "Green Cory" and to my knowledge would refer to C. Aenus (the same as the albino cories I already had). Once acclimated, I noticed that the behavior of these "green" cories seems different from my albinos--the green ones very seldom leave the...
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    75g too much for a beginner?

    I am wanting to get into the hobby as I have been fascinated for years but haven't had the opportunity to set up a tank of my own until now. I am wanting to build a planted tank with a fair amount of driftwood and keep an Asian theme with dwarf gouramis. I may be under the spell of "bigger is...
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    New and wanting to learn

    Hello from Southwest Missouri! I'm in the planning stages of my first ever planted tank and first tank, in general, since I was a little kid. I've been reading through some threads here and there and I figured I should jump in and get more involved and learn.
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