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    Water changes for 3 and 10 g tank

    Hi, only my second post here, I’m very new to the hobby. I have a 3 and 10 gallon tank. Currently I’ve been doing 10-20% water changes weekly and a 50-60% bigger water change monthly. currently the 3 has a betta and the 10 just has 6 plants but a ton of pest snails (I’ve been scooping them...
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    Hi! Very new here! Help?

    Hey everyone, new here, very new to the hobby. I have a beta in a 3 gallon filtered and heated tank. I do weekly 10-20 % water changes and I test my water every 4 days. Originally got the beta for my 5 year old, I had them growing up as a kid so I though it would be cool if he did too. as an...
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