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    Sexing Bolivian Rams

    I just got two bolivian rams today but I want to know what sex they are. I was hoping to get a pair but after getting home, I think I got two females. Can someone confirm? I've inserted two photos of each and then one together.
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    Plant Storage before Planting

    My plants arrived early and my aquarium stand isn't here yet. What can I do to keep them alive for a few days. I have them in a home depot bucket right now with dechlorinated water. I also have pretty cold water and a towel over to slow metabolism. I also put the cup of Java fern in my fridge...
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    Garden Soil Substrate

    This is my first time trying a planted tank and I wanted to know if eco-complete or garden soil would be good. I found a brand that I've heard is okay for aquariums but I'm not if it is. The brand is miracle gro organic and natural potting mix with nature conserve. I'm planning on having 2" of...
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    Questions about Eco Complete

    I'm creating an aquascape and I want a pool filter sand cap to make it look more natural and to save my wallet. I just wanted to know if this was a good idea or not. Also, I'm confused about the CEC of Eco complete. Some sources said that it had really high CEC and some claimed that it had none...
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    What kind of Dry Ferts

    Does anyone have recommendations for dry ferts. I want something like Easy Green; easy to use and effective.
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    Help with DIY 29 Gallon Aquarium Stand

    Does anyone have any experience building DIY aquarium stands? I found a model I like but the problem is that the dimensions are for a 40 gallon and I've tried translating them for a 29 gallon as best as I can. This is what I got: 31" - 4 (Lenth) 30" - 4 (Height) 10" - 5 (Width) 23" - 8 (Height)...
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    Which Root Tabs and Ferts

    Which root tabs should I get? I've seen the mainstream brands but I think they're too expensive. They usually cost around 10 dollars for ten root tabs. Even aquarium co-op's root tabs are a little too expensive for my taste. I've seen osmocote root tabs, which are supposedly more risky (never...
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    Warm Water Fish

    I've looked everywhere online but I can't find any list which lists fish that can live in warm water. By warm water I mean upwards of 82 degrees to a maximum of 85 degrees. I'm trying to keep german blue rams and I want a dither fish, clean up crew, and algae eater. My original plan was to get...
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    Pool Filter Sand Cap

    So this is sort of a follow up from a previous thread but I wanted a professional to help me with this question. Can I use pool filter sand to cap seachem fluorite sand? Also will osmocote root tabs from ebay cause any problems with water quality. I've heard horror stories online about it...
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    Pool Filter Sand. Plz help

    I'm planning a German Blue Ram pair 29 gallon tank with 12 neon tetras or 8 Glowlight tetras, a pair of BN plecos, and 6 panda corys. I'll be keeping the tank at 85 in the summer, 82 in the fall and spring, and 80 in the winter to mimic annual wild seasons. Substrate is seachem fluorite sand...
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    What kind of salt for BBS

    I'm planning on feeding live food to my fish but I've never actually hatched any before. I'm aware that non-iodized salt should be used so I'm planning on buying a 1 dollar container of morton table salt but I don't know how much to use. Is it the same amount as marine and aquarium salt or are...
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    German Blue Ram Compatibility

    Hey, I'm new to FishLore. I'm just here to get some suggestions on what kind of fish that I can keep with a pair of German Blue Rams. Keep in mind that I'm going to be keeping these fish at around 82-85 degrees Fahrenheit or 28-30 Celsius. I also have a question about plant compatibility...
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