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    Increasing pH without such large changes in Kh

    That’s just how my water reads straight from the well. I adjust the pHto 6.8 before adding it to the aquarium, but in order to reach that pH using alkaline buffer, my Kh is also raised to what seems like an excessive 13. I keep rummynose tetras, Cory’s and one betta in that tank. No CO2. I used...
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    Lesson learned - No Zebra danios with a Betta and here's why

    Good to know and thanks for sharing. I have two female bettas in separate tanks. One has rummynose tetras and Cory’s for tankmates. She puffed up like to attack, but they completely ignored her! She’s been fine ever since. The other I tried to put cardinals in for company and she attacked...
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    Increasing pH without such large changes in Kh

    I imagine you’re thinking about African cichlids. I’m afraid of them outgrowing my tanks. Do you have any other suggestions? Currently, I tinker but haven’t lost anyone (yet).
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    Thanks for the Add!

    Wow! I’m so glad I found this site! I’ve already begun to explore discussions, and I feel like a kid in a candy store! I don’t know anyone who keeps an aquarium! Currently, I’m keeping 3 tanks going. I have a 55 gallon set up at my handicapped son’s day habilitation program. It’s sits...
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    Increasing pH without such large changes in Kh

    I use well water for my aquarium. Unfortunately, it usually registers 0 Kh and 6 pH. I can raise the pH to 6.8 using Seachem’s Alkaline Buffer, but then my Kh is 13! Is such a high Kh harmful? How does a high Kh impact fish? Is there another solution for increasing pH without raising Kh so much?
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