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    What fish should I stock?! Overgrown 7.5G shrimp tank in need of some livestock

    I have 5 cherries and an amano in this tank. I’ve gone through a couple of bad batches of chili rasboras - open to trying again but wanted to know what you all think would stock well? Are there any fish that do well in pairs that could cohabitate with shrimp and potentially chilis? All...
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    Chili Rasboras Dying Quickly

    I’ve had this 7.5G tank cycling for about a month since I lost all of my fish to columnaris. I’ve had 5 dwarf shrimp and an amano in it for a couple of weeks and this AM I added 7 chili rasboras from my lfs. I drip acclimated them for 5+ hours last night and added them this AM and I’ve already...
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    Begininer - Columnaris wiped out my first planted tank - advice on restarting

    I’ve had my first planted nanotank going for a little over a month now. It’s 6.5G, and had 3 neon tetras, 3 chili rasboras, a koi betta, nerite, and amano shrimp. 2 of the chili rasboras and 2 of the neon tetras died over the last 2 days with bug eye, and gasping for air. Now my betta has...
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