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    40 Gallon Tank 44 gallon tank stocking

    I had pest snail problems before coming from plants but they are gone now... I thought they are slow breeders and look like a bee they never eat nerite snail as they were together and nothing happened. I think they eat left over food. Shall i remove them from the tank ?? I had them with...
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    40 Gallon Tank 44 gallon tank stocking

    Hi guys, I have the below stocking in my 44 gallon tank heavily planted tank... is it ok ? Or i am overstocking the tank 2 adult angelfish 3 ram 6 sterbai cory 6 dwarf rainbow fish 3 otocinclus 1 bristlenose 3 nerite snail 4 assisan snails I have 1 hang on back filter cotaining a bag of...
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    160 liter fish stocking

    Hello fish lovers, I need your opinion please, i have the below fish list for my tank dimensions: 94cm × 42cm × 50cm: 2 angelfish 3 ram 1 bristlenose 6 cory doras 4 assasian snail I would like to add bosemani rainbow or dwarf neon rainbow like 5 or something as i know they are schooling...
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    48 gallon tank flood light recommendation

    Hello fish folks, I need your help please, i am preparing a 48 gallon tank with this deminsions: 95cm * 40cm * 50cm and i am planning to get flood light but not sure what to get to have a low tech setup... Option 1 : 2 10 watt floodlight Option 2 : 2 20 watt floodlight Option 3 : 30 watt...
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    RS 400 LE light 3 watt

    Hi Guys, I have a 3 watt led lamp 21 led (40cm) multi color , it can be submerged in the water as well (picture attached). My question is, does this sufficient for low tech planted tank or not. My tank is 15 gallon. Thanks.
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    Guppy bend back

    Hi guys, I need you help please, 2 days ago i found my guppy died the one that has orange tail and its body shape is bended, today 2 of my 2 guppys are seating on the tank bottom and when i am trying to make move they move very slowly and not trying to escape from me Tank What is the water...
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    15 Gallon Tank 15 Gallon stocking

    Thanks !! Appreciate your suggestion . I have a hang on filter (RS brand) commerically they claim it filter 800l/h but i doubt that.. it contains spong inside and added small spong on its intake to support and not to suck up any floating plants. By the way, the plant on the surface is water...
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    15 Gallon Tank 15 Gallon stocking

    Hi guys, I have 15 gallon tank low tech planted tank with the below fish: 10 harlequin rasbora 2 small female electric blue ram 3 kuli loches to feed on uneaten food from the bottom I want to add some fish because tank looks empty sometimes, i have a floating plant which i understood will...
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