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    Who's into sports?

    The Bears have a shot in a few years now that they finally drafted & signed a QB (Justin Fields) with talent. Happiest people on the planet about that move might be Michigan fans. Don't worry, Leeman75 & StarGirl -- Ohio State still has a few talented, albeit inexperienced QBs on the roster, and...
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    Should Beginners Start Small?

    Years ago I started out with a 10G aquarium. Within a week, I realized I should have gone with a 20G (or 29G). As others have mentioned, a bigger volume of water is generally more forgiving when issues arise (e.g., too low/high water temperature, "accidental" overfeeding, ammonia spikes, etc.)...
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    Aquarium in Home Theater Room?

    In addition, sound waves travel faster through water than air and maintain their intensity in water longer. Humans are just not used to hearing things underwater compared with aquatic life. What Do You Hear Underwater? - Scientific American In theory, aquarium glass being shattered by sound...
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    55 Gallon Tank Fishless Cycle - Ruined?

    Anyone who has ever kept an aquarium for more than a few days has likely had spilled water somewhere and/or on something it shouldn't have gone. At least it wasn't a 70% water change. Perhaps run the vacuum cleaner in a few rooms in the very near future, lol. Good luck with the aquarium cycling.
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    What's YOUR aquarium lie?

    "I'm supporting the economy. If it wasn't for people like me buying goods & services from small businesses like the LFS, our economy would be in a recession. So you're welcome!"
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Something (live) -- Cover of The Beatles classic performed by George Harrison with Eric Clapton. Yes, Harrison wrote the original, but he did so while a member of The Beatles and the original recording was by those Liverpool Lads. This version is really good -- I like it better than the original.
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    Doubts on a new pond

    It gets cold in Chicago during the winter. Right now it's cooler here than it should be based upon past history. We had frost warnings a few days ago. Crazy, lol. At least we didn't get any snow. As long as the pond is deep enough (@4'+) and equipped with an appropriate heater & deicer, Koi...
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    Northeast Ohioans - Buckeyes

    Great Northern Mall. Wow, I haven't been inside that place in a long time. Is the Sears still open? Looks like a well-organized meet. Hope the weather cooperates and y'all have lots of people stopping by and participating in the swap meet.
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    Doubts on a new pond

    Ah, then warm weather year round. Nice! Using Google maps, I found a few coastal cities in Kerala. Out of curiosity, I looked up average monthly temperatures for Kovalam & Thiruvananthapuram. If temperatures in those cities are similar for your area, it will be good to have the roofing shield...
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    Doubts on a new pond

    Some information on Arowana A few things to think about if you're considering a (outdoor) pond: 1. How would you keep the water temperature in the pond @78F year round, especially if you live somewhere that has snow in the winter and/or cooler nights? Depending upon where you live, it could...
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    Free Chicagoland -- Multiple Used Tanks (2.5G to 20H) Available

    Update #2: The 2.5G and 10G tanks are tentatively claimed via PM. The 5.5G and 20H tanks have already been claimed.
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    Tank leveling question

    A thicker leveling mat (such as a yoga mat) that allows for simultaneous contact between the counter, leveling mat and all parts of the aquarium bottom might be sufficient. Your call, lol. I'm more cautious when it comes to something like this.
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    Tank leveling question

    1. Are you trying to place the aquarium so it spans across the dip in the middle of the counter? In other words, the part of the aquarium over where the dip is located isn't in contact with the counter (and thus is unsupported). The "ends" of the aquarium would be in contact with the counter...
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    Tank leveling question

    If you install felt feet (all the same type & thickness, and ideally same size) on the bottom of the plywood, test it out with a level after affixing them. You want that plywood base (with or without felt feet) to be as level and stable as possible in its location on the counter before placing...
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    Tank leveling question

    Not sure how warped your counter surface is. If you place a 2' level across the counter top (spanning areas that are warped), can you see light (gaps) between the bottom of the level and the countertop? Note that you might want to check several slightly different places in the area you're...
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    New Tank/New Filter Question

    I agree with carsonsgjs -- run both filters on the 20G for a while. Per Aqueon, the QuietFlow 10 has a Bio-holster that is used for biological filtration. It's basically a plastic frame to secure the cartridge (from moving) and appears to be removable; however, given its size you can't use the...
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    What is the average people spend on a tank?

    All of us have different backgrounds, interests, goals, financial resources and time constraints to take into account as aquarists. So what works for one person might not necessarily be ideal (or even feasible) for another. As others have noted, a person can go crazy and spend a lot on an...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    My Oh My -- Slade. Way underrated band with some great songs, including this one (think "she'll be coming round the mountain when she comes" when you listen).
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    Going to college - What to do with fish and equipment?

    If you're willing to ship, there are probably members here who would be interested in some of your inhabitants (e.g., cherry shrimp, nerites). Hopefully that's the case. If a BSTF transaction with a Fishlore member is not an option, you might have to expand your re-homing efforts to a few of...
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    DIY co2, what am I doing wrong?

    blushrimp1 You're welcome. Been there, done that with some of the frustrations of DIY CO2 injection. But it was a great learning experience for me and I'm glad I took the plunge. FWIW, I had posted a response in another DIY CO2 thread (link below). That one has a link to a more sophisticated...
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