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  1. ninetyinone

    Fish Suggestions

    The other thing you can do is get your own piece of foam, cut it to size, and either position it over the inlet or replace whatever mechanical filtration you have in there.
  2. ninetyinone

    Why do corydoras take space?

    Think of it like a dog run versus an aviary. A certain size aviary (floorspace and height) is required for a certain number of birds, but when you're talking about dogs it's more just about floor space because they don't utilise the height. A lot of fish are like birds, you give them extra...
  3. ninetyinone

    10 gallon stocking, will this work?

    I would say that they share the same areas of the tank. My bettas and tetras sleep in the low levels of the tank, hang in the mid levels of the tank, whilst the betta comes to the top more frequently/if I walk up and he thinks that I'm going to feed him, and the tetras are more shy. The problem...
  4. ninetyinone

    20 Gallon Tank Adding a little something to existing community

    Thanks for everyone's responses!! I think we've gotten one vote for just about every fish I put up there haha. Makes me feel better for being so indecisive. I think I might sit on it for a bit longer, leaning towards honey gourami trio for something to occupy the mid/top level of the tank...
  5. ninetyinone

    20 Gallon Tank Adding a little something to existing community

    Hello, I'm thinking about adding a little to my current stocking. I'd be pushing it a little but I'm comfortable with that. The tank is actually a little over 20G, but with the substrate and hardscape the volume is probably equivalent. Currently: 9 Cherry barbs - The plan will be to rehome 2 of...
  6. ninetyinone

    20 Gallon Tank Could Green Neons Work?

    My green neons are in the ~76F range and do fine. They swim low when stressed / sleeping / hiding, otherwise enjoy exploring the aquarium, usually around the mid zone but can go all over. They are also more timid, so definitely do better (and look better imho) in bigger groups, 8-10+ if...
  7. ninetyinone

    Cherry barbs in a 20 gallon long

    Support everything said above about barbs! I sacrificed centrepiece fish in my 20G in order to balance out my M:F ratio, the guys really hound the females if you get the ratio wrong. And with the right lighting I feel like the mature female's colour is almost more dramatic than the males, almost...
  8. ninetyinone

    Sußwassertang in an aquascape?

    I enjoy mine tied to logs. It takes a few months before it overgrows the cord enough so that you don’t see it, but the way it grows outwards in leaflets reminds me of mushrooms growing on tree trunks. Don’t have photos on me but can take some later. And of course you can always do a little...
  9. ninetyinone

    30 Gallon Tank Advice and Encouragement

    I’m sorry for your fish troubles! But you could always try throwing an algae water or shrimp pellets in there and see if the snail will eat those instead. Or a piece of blanched zucchini. Other fish might eat shrimp pellets so just be careful with that. Big snails have big appetites and some of...
  10. ninetyinone

    My first time using master soul...

    The right one is from half full! I think the less water helped dilute the amount of dust / broken down soil substrate that rose during planting. But also I struggled with planting some crypts in the right one, giant roots and crypts that wouldn't split. I'm sure that didn't help.
  11. ninetyinone

    My first time using master soul...

    Oops master soil* The difference between planting with 1/4 inch water and half a tank? Now my anubias/crypts in the tank on the right is covered in dust... and I can’t see the back to replant the floating bacopa. This is after leaving it for a day!
  12. ninetyinone

    Treating Ich with salt and temp - continue for how long?

    Thanks for everyone’s input! Just to clarify, I’m not using heat to kill Ich, it’s the salt! I’m using heat to speed up the lifecycle, which allows more of the Ich to be treated (by reaching the salt vulnerable stage of the lifecycle) over a smaller space of time. I have heard that some people...
  13. ninetyinone

    Treating Ich with salt and temp - continue for how long?

    Hi all, I introduced some kuhli loaches into my tank and the next day one of them was showing the telltale signs of Ich spots. This was around last Thursday, and I’ve done a temp and salt treatment for 6 days now. Good news is that as far as I can tell all of my fish are spot free as of...
  14. ninetyinone

    Internal filter intake - too big for shrimp? Ideas on modification?

    Hi all, I purchased an aquarium with the attached internal filter. It works great and even has a heater compartment which keeps everything streamlined. My problem is that I'm keen to add some shrimp to the tank. Ramshorn poop is just so big! Should I be concerned that the intake is too big and...
  15. ninetyinone

    20 Gallon Tank Mysterious mystery snail eggs

    I was wondering if they could do that. Turns out she can! Thanks. I’ll probably just leave the eggs there and if I get baby mysteries then I get baby mysteries she’s done it about twice over a week now
  16. ninetyinone

    20 Gallon Tank Mysterious mystery snail eggs

    Hi all, I’ve had my mystery snail for about 4 months now and she’s just laid a clutch of eggs?? She’s the only mystery snail in the tank. Initially bought two but the other died within a week Quick google says they can’t reproduce asexually, so I’m wondering what gives? Haha. Bonus picture of...
  17. ninetyinone

    10 gallon tank bottom feeders

    My recent thing has been collecting colourful ramshorn snails. Blue, red, pink, etc. They're good algae eaters too, just don't forget to test your water hardness and add some snail food in there so they grow strong shells. If you have a good relationship with your local fish store they might...
  18. ninetyinone

    Anyone know any non-sword, broad-leaved midground and background plants for a 50cm tall aquarium?

    Narrow leaf Java is pretty cool, or some other hygro species like siamensis, otherwise if you wait a while more I find that crypts fill out quite well as mid ground plants. Mine took ~ 2-3 months to bush out. There are different types that stand a little taller than others. You can also go...
  19. ninetyinone

    Hydra in planted tank

    Thanks for the help! I will probably go the wormer route. I did look into planaria zero however it’s about $60 for a 20g packet in my area...
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