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  1. Jragan23

    Pearl Gouramis Kissing?

    So these 2 female pearl Gouramis are always very docile, just sometimes they will be ‘kissing’ each other and they keep kissing, then backing up and looking at one another than one goes in and does it again. They do those for like 10 minutes somethings. Also sometimes they will chase each other...
  2. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank Is this acceptable stocking?

    Just wondering if this stocking is ok? I’ve already kind of gotten answers for most now just wondering if can add an EBA? I have read about them just didn’t think I’d esee them in person but just saw a ton at my LFS today! My Desired Stock: 3 pearl gouramis 15-20 cardinal tetras 1-2 GBR’s Maybe...
  3. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank Bolivian Rams vs. GBRS

    Wow you have beautiful fish! Love your tank! I don’t think the warm water would be a problem my tank is at about 81 ish right now!
  4. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank Bolivian Rams vs. GBRS

    Yeah I’ve definitely heard about the temperature thing. My only other thing I have right now are pearl Gouramis. I want a lot of schooling fish, but I’ll likely just try to find one that fits well with the temp of what I choose. I love the GBR’s but how finicky they can sometimes be makes me...
  5. Jragan23

    July 2021 - Aquarium of the Month

    My new 40 gallon breeder!
  6. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank Bolivian Rams vs. GBRS

    So I know I’m going to get some sort of ram sometime. People have already told me it would work with my desired stock. I like the look of GBR’s the best but I’ve heard they are hard to keep. Thing is my water is really hard and pH is around 8. Has anyone kept GBR’s in those conditions? I don’t...
  7. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank First pearl gourami! Couple questions

    I’ve really been looking forward to getting pearl Gouramis for my 40 breeder. I went to my LFS and they said to only get one because 2 would grow out of the tank? On here most people said to get multiple so i don’t know if I should stick with one or go back for more later. Also, my only concern...
  8. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank Looking for tetra/schooling fish ideas.

    Thanks for everybody's awesome ideas! I am heading to my LFS tomorrow! I don’t know if I’ll be getting my schooling fish tomorrow or not but I will definitely let you guys know what I end up picking!
  9. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank Looking for tetra/schooling fish ideas.

    I do like cardinal tetras! Reason I didn’t want neons was because they weren’t as hardy because all the inbreeding and I had a bad experience. I’ve never seen a cardinal tetra in person though which is really wierd. None of the stores have had them when I went but I can still keep a lookout...
  10. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank Electric Blue Acara?

    Ok! I was mainly concerned about the gouramis. That’s good to hear! I’ll start researching more now that I know it’s actually feasible! Thanks :)
  11. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank Looking for tetra/schooling fish ideas.

    Ooh that one looks cool I’ve never seen it before! I like it just not sure if I’ll be able to find it at my LFS!
  12. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank Electric Blue Acara?

    So I just discovered electric blue acaras yesterday. They look awesome! I have a 40 breeder and I would like to have some pearl Gouramis in there and some sort of schooling fish. I know that acaras get big but is that something that could work in the tank? I realize the answers probably a no but...
  13. Jragan23

    40 Gallon Tank Looking for tetra/schooling fish ideas.

    I’m stocking my new tank and just wondering what everyone’s favorite tetras are (or other schooling fish). I’m looking for something that really pops in a planted tank! Other fish in the tank will be pearl Gouramis and maybe some bolivian rams in the future. I’ve already had neons before so I am...
  14. Jragan23

    New fish for 180l

    Nice looking tank! I’d definitely get a school of some sort of tetra, cardinals are my personal favorite but there are a lot of options to choose from. And then for a bigger kind of center piece fish maybe honey or pearl Gouramis? Those two are known to be pretty peaceful so you wouldn’t have to...
  15. Jragan23

    15 Gallon Tank Stocking ideas for small community tank?

    Yeah I agree. I would go with like 3 honey Gouramis. They are pretty small so shouldn’t really be an issue? That should be a cool tank though! Have fun stocking it!
  16. Jragan23

    Molly lost color

    Yeah I would suggest it’s due to stress but I don’t know from what. Your water parameters look good so I don’t know what it could be! How long have you had it?
  17. Jragan23

    Gourami chasing/nipping new angel fish

    From what I’ve heard dwarf Gouramis can be pretty aggressive, but it depends on the individual fish. Even if you were supposed to put in the gourami first, he probably thinks he’s king of the tank now and felt threatened by the angelfish. I would definitely have a back up just in case one of...
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    That’s awesome! You’ll definitely like it here! :)
  20. Jragan23

    Pearl Gouramis instead of Angelfish

    Of course! Sounds fun!
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