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    Planning My 75g Tank

    very nice setup
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    Leaves for blackwater tank

    Can I use any leaves for my 5 gallon black water tank? Or do I buy them?
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    Green water in bottom half of tank

    looks kinda like an algae bloom. the reason they appear at the bottom half is because your light light up the top part. I had a bloom last month with my 55, and I bought the cheap 2 dollar tetra "no more Algae" and it is crystal clear in no more than a week. it worked miracles for me lol
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    Guppy breeding

    yea I breed to feed to my oscar, and I just have guppy grass in the tank, and the babies do a decent job at hiding but now and then one will disappear but for the most part they're fine
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    okey. do I even heat at all?
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    so I bought seachem paraguard. I am slowly turning my tank up to 86 before dosing. is there anything I'm missing? thanks for all the help
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    are you talking about paraguard? what would be more effective? salt or meds?
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    will the treater stain things? ive heard they stain can I find all of these on amazon? will PraziPro work?? I have some leftover from treating planaria
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    I left for florida a week ago when I noticed some white spots on my tetra. I came back and another tetra had one. now another tetra has one and my juvenile oscar has 2 spots. I don't have a heater or a filter for a quarantine tank, what do I do?? ive heard ich remover stains, so I don't want to...
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    Bloated red belly!!!

    I have a small RBP in a 5 gallon temporary tank, the piranha is the size of a dime. He is bloated, and I just fed him. He won’t stop trying to not float but he keeps going back up. How can I help him?
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    Best cheap pond liner/tarp?

    Ok but I had a bluegill and I trained him on flakes and pellets it was easy for mine
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    20 Gal stocking idea

    I would switch the guppies to like rummynose tetras or danios
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    Best cheap pond liner/tarp?

    I am making a minI pond with a friend for bluegill, and we want the cheapest option for a pond liner. preferrably anything under $30-40. is there a pond liner or tarp that would be waterproof? it would only have water in the summers, because here in milwaukee its gotten down to -60 degrees...
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    What are these bugs?

    I found some worms or whatever they are out in the Garden, and I want to see if they are sage to feed to my cichlids. There are no chemicals and pesticides around So they would be totally safe to the Oscar and crew
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    Very tiny swimming worm in betta tank

    Probs ditritus worms and it comes form over feeding. They will go away with water changes and less feeding By experience
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    Tiny Colorful Schooling Fish

    ChilI rasboras or ember tetras
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    Heater broke!!

    What about in the mean time? I have no clue if I will be able to go this week because it is the busiest week of the year
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