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    Swim in Peace my Little guy

    Rest In Peace, Monarch.
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    Feeling guilty

    I’m so excited for you! Remember when you move everyone over to the bigger tank to move all of your media too since that’s where your beneficial bacteria are growing!
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    Opae'ula Shrimp

    I have at least 4 carrying eggs!!!
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    What type of N. Davidi should I get??/

    I’ve kept bee shrimp with them successfully. They are more sensitive though so you have to do the water parameters to their liking. Luckily neos are really adaptable. I buy my shrimp from aquatic arts. They are always super healthy.
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    Opinions on Carib Sea eco black substrate

    It’s purely an opinion on aesthetics.
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    Opinions on Carib Sea eco black substrate

    I’ve done the black and white mixed sand thing and it’s very busy. Very distracting. It’s best to just have one color.
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    Setting up feeder shrimp tank?

    I’ve seen cherry culls for $1.99 before. Not too bad.
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    What type of N. Davidi should I get??/

    To confirm, yes if you get both colors they will breed and you will get a lot of wild types.
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    Opinions on Carib Sea eco black substrate

    I second the diamond blasting sand.
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    Setting up feeder shrimp tank?

    Yes wouldn’t cherries be easier? You could buy up something culls for a decent price and they will perpetually breed and won’t eat their babies the way ghosts do.
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    Molt or death?

    Dead. Sorry for your loss.
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    The user below me

    No way too scared! UBM has a vegetable garden
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    The user below me

    yep. Only in my brackish tank The user below me has a cat
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    Opae'ula Shrimp

    I agree! They are so easy. I started with 20 about a year ago and now have around 40 with a few babies floating around too. I just love them! They sit in my office so when I work from home and need a short break I can just ogle at them for a few minutes. oh also my snails have bred a little...
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    Brackish Help - Should I make my tank Brackish instead of Freshwater?

    You say you don’t want to rehouse your snails, but the ones you have are freshwater. I also wouldn’t advise keeping the rabbit and assassins together.
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    10 gal brackish tank stocking options?

    I vote you get several bumblebee gobies and some brackish macroalgae to go with them. They love resting in the algae and they are a hoot to watch!
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    Brackish Water Crab Questions

    Just a caution: I have kept fiddlers with bumblebee gobies before and it was a mistake. They attacked them. Tried to eat them.
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    Weird little puffer

    So, just yesterday I got a little figure 8 puffer. He is very tiny, a baby! Anyways he has a funny little habit already. When I give him bloodworms, he sucks it in and out of his mouth and squeezes out all of the insides, discarding the skin. How goofy is that?
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    Feeding ferals in Winter

    Well, I’ve caught 7 cats (6 male and 1 early pregnant female) so far and had them neutered. They were all WILD as can be. No way to make them pets. I’ll keep on setting the traps out and trying to catch everyone. I did catch a couple of pet cats too but they were already neutered and...
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    Cat Photos

    Sun worshipping
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