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  1. Skittlesttr75

    From white to black...what is my Betta?

    Obviously the breeder or seller (local fish store) was incorrect when labeling him as Platinum White. He had tiny streaks of black in his tail and a red dot on his head, but the rest was white / cellophane. Now he's mostly black. Pics are from mid-August through this week (some white light...
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  4. Skittlesttr75

    Red Strings In Substrate?

    I am in-fish cycling for the first time. This area with the red/brown "strings" was recently covered by a white cloud (see pic with blue gravel that looks out of focus, but it is this white stuff) over the substrate and now it's this. I first thought it was black worms that survived a month, but...
  5. Skittlesttr75

    5 gallon betta tank recommendations?

    I bought an 8 gallon TopFin Dazzle. It's rimless and sits perfectly on my desk so I can enjoy my Lenny all day long! It has a built-in filter, but it didn't seem very powerful, so I bought a small sponge filter as well (which also removes the need to replace their proprietary carbon filters that...
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  10. Skittlesttr75

    Betta Feeding...

    So I tried not feeding him yesterday afternoon. This morning he at his flakes, belly is not extended, and now he's going to the bottom of the tank and trying to eat the catfish pellets. Do I go back to 2x a day? Again, he's super active and swims at least 8 hours a day throughout his 8 gallon tank.
  11. Skittlesttr75

    Do i need to add benifical bacteria every water change

    Did you stop using Stability? I have the same question and I am also using Aqueon Pure Bacteria as well. I have a bacteria bloom going on now and I believe I'm at the end of the initial fish-in cycle.
  12. Skittlesttr75

    Freeze Dried Plankton & Baby Shrimp

    I currently give Lenny freeze dried Brine Shrimp (cubes) and freeze dried blood worms. He will eat the shrimp pre-soaked but not the worms for some reason. I was looking at more variety and I found these two. Instead of cubes of compacted shrimp parts, they're actual shrimp. The plankton is...
  13. Skittlesttr75

    Doing my best.. Help?

    Okay, thank you. I was referring to a sponge filter and they have size recommendations.
  14. Skittlesttr75

    Doing my best.. Help?

    Really? That's great to know! I don't feel mine is filtering enough. But you still use the air pump made for the size of your tank, but just a larger tank filter, correct?
  15. Skittlesttr75

    Doing my best.. Help?

    I can vouch for mattgirl and what was said about Ammo-Lock. I bought it based on what the bottle stated it could do. Once mattgirl explained to me about how Ammo-Lock works with the ammonia versus what is safe for the tank, I immediately stopped using it. I had already completed several 50%...
  16. Skittlesttr75

    Live worms

    Previously, Lenny would devour the pre-soaked freeze-dried blood worms. Two weeks ago I gave them live black worms for the first time. It was like heaven for Lenny. I used tweezers, but 10-12 would be the least amount I could get in the tweezers. So, most of these guys are smart and swim right...
  17. Skittlesttr75

    Should I soak flakes?

    Thanks, Lenny definitely prefers to eat from the top. I started the flakes (dry), and he gobbles them up. He definitely prefers those to the pellets. He also stopped eating the freeze-dried blood worms after he had live black worms. He's a stubborn little guy!
  18. Skittlesttr75

    Short Term Aquarium Life Support

    I know it won't help for days being away from home (or those with really big tanks), but I did purchase a battery-operated air pump for power outages. Even if I never have to use it, I feel "safer" that I have it on-hand.
  19. Skittlesttr75

    Should I soak flakes?

    Thank you for your advice!!
  20. Skittlesttr75

    5 Gallon Tank Smaller Betta Food Suggestions?

    I am on the other end of the spectrum. I tried Hikari Betta Bio Gold first and, once you soak them, they are pretty big. Then I went to New Life Spectrum Small and they don't expand in water so you don't have to pre-soak them. They are the same size as Hikari before you soak them. That's the...
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